10 Great success habits of great Leaders !

Many people think people are born with their fortune and if it is not written on their fortune to be successful then they can’t be successful. I don’t know that whether people are born with their fortune or not but I know that people are wrong. They don’t say this because people are thought to be born with fortune, but they say this because they want an excuse of not working hard to be successful and great. People may be born with fortune, but God knows that whether you will be born with that fortune or not. No one else knows this so what you can do is that you can just work hard and try your level best to be great and successful. Being true, people don’t become successful just because of fortune, but it is because of their habits and attitude. Successful have habits that help them to take right decisions at the right time and also keep working on that right path. They become successful because they have great habits and those habits increase their skills and capabilities which are extremely needed to be successful. You need not to be extraordinary from childhood to be great and have all these habits since childhood. IF you don’t have great habits then you can adopt these from great leaders and inculcate in yourself. You can develop these habits and then these habits will make you successful. So let’s see which are those amazing habits that are needed to be successful and I request you to please share this with your friends also so that they can also try these skills and be successful in future. Just think if you become successful and your friend is not successful, then how shameful it will be for you to take their names. So think of future and please do their help. So now let’s see and adopt those amazing and great habits of successful people.

1. See future of small ideas

There are endless examples of great people who became extremely successful because they worked hard on a small and new idea. This time renewable energy sector and space exploration is growing but even today this is not fully developed. It is developing and in future this may become a very big and important field. But do you see how many companies are seriously working on this. Well, I see that solar City is really working hard on renewable energy and when energy crisis would hike then this company would also get a hike and it may become the biggest company in the world. So just try to see that which sector can really become big or which idea is small today but in future that could become so big that it can make you also very big. When you invest in future then you need to wait for your time to come but the invest on monetary basis is small, and you become first in the field, and also you become a leader. You even don’t have any competition so you grow alone. But if you invest in today, then you need to invest a lot of money, and you are behind millions of people, and you become a late follower. You will behaving a lot of competition that it will be very difficult for you to grow. And even if you come up then very soon the time will change and all your hard work will go vain because people may stop using that thing or the use would have decreased very much. Just think if a new and good computer manufacturer starts today, what will be its status even if being good. More than the laptop people use smart phones. And after a decade or two, the place of smart phones would also be taken by something else, so wait for the future to come and you start thinking of future changes that may take place.

2. Use full capabilities of your team members

 It is very true that you need to know your team very well if you want to be a great leader. Suddenly, you don’t have to increase the number of followers very much but you have to have to increase the skills of your team very much. It can happen only if they need to use their skills and capabilities to their maximum. You need to have a perfect plan that what you want to do. You need to observe your team that what they can do, and what they do passionately. There is a difference in these two things. Your team mate may be good at work A, but he likes to do work B, and he is average there. So what will you do? You need to know the capabilities with interest. If your team is doing what they love they will give their everything to the project. But if you are just making them work like machine then they may leave you. I don’t mean that don’t give work where they are good but don’t have much interest but you need to have a perfect balance of everything. You need to check other team also. Is there any one to do a particular work or not, is there anyone to do this better than him, who is best at this thing? You need to ask many questions and then find the answers also. But you will do this then you don’t have to do much work because your team will do everything for you. You just need to guide your team because they need guidance to use their skills and knowledge with a platform. If you provide them the platform and also the guidance of using their knowledge then definitely, they will give their better than the best and they will never leave you alone in any project.

3. Solve problems before they arise

You may think that it is stupidity because how can we solve any problem before it arises. How can you solve a Mathematics question before you see it? Well, yes, we can’t solve Maths question but what I meant could be done. Leaders are visionary and this skill needs to be developed in you also. They try to know that what problems in future could arise so they try to take precautions even before it actually happens. This way the future problems are solved. when basically, this is the difference between a CEO and a manager. A manager manages the situation but it can’t take future steps to stop anything. While the CEO tries to stop waste of time and money in future by taking precautions even before it happens. The rules and laws created in any country are implemented to stop future problems. You may a small team of this thing also so that you can discuss with them about the future of the whole team and what problems could arise in future. In this way, you will have opinion of other people also and a good decision could be taken easily. But you need to think for everyone the solution should not only favour the higher officials or only you, but it should be good for everyone. The advantages and a little problems should be evenly distributed by the whole team, in this way they may not feel that no one cares for them but they will believe that the leader is really cares for the whole team and is ready to take problems even to himself for the betterment of the whole team and the leader cares even for the lower team mates ( or employees).

4. Can do self analysis even after criticism

It is a very important point for becoming great leader and also for becoming a successful and good human. Other people will criticize you but you need to check that whether they are right or not. For solving a problem you need to believe that there is a problem. So just analyse that is it right or not. If you think that they are right then try to find out the solution. Try to find out that how can you become better and that in future no one can criticize you on the same ground. But even if you could not find out then be brave, and ask the person who criticized. First, ask him the reason that why he criticized you. How he thinks that you should be criticized? Then if he has a proper reason then ask him the solution. Your criticism all the time does not mean that you are wrong but it may also be because your team is doing something wrong, or they have done some mistake. Even if they have done something wrong then this is your mistake because as a leader you need to take steps to ensure that everything is going to right. So you need to find out the solution to stop the critism of your organization or your team. No one can help you more than the one who criticized you. It is because he left it and he can tell what others feel and also that how can they feel happy or at least satisfied. During the 2000’s, Bill Gates was criticized a lot for using wrong methods of creating monopoly in the software market. They were criticizing Bill Gates so he thought that for the team it is best that he leave his position of the CEO. So to stop the criticism he took the necessary steps and then left his place. He has also said that your most unhappy customer is your greatest source of learning.

5. Can learn from anyone and read a lot of books

Reading books is a very important habit of great people. If you take one name of a successful person who does not read books then I can take ten names of those who read books and became extremely successful. Anyone who has done anything needs skills and knowledge and books are the most important source of that. It does not only mean reading books from the syllabus, but extra reading and you are not doing for marks or early profits ( many think that they have developed this habit by reading books of the syllabus but it is wrong). Do you know in the college Bill Gates used to wear to wear shoes by while sleeping, because he needs to go to the library many times for getting more books, and wearing shoes will waste his time. Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, was used to sleep in the college library in a sleeping bag. No one knew that but once his teacher saw him there. Warren Buffet said that even today his maximum working time is used in reading books. So you should also read books or anything that is knowledgeable. You can read all my blogs for getting knowledge and I would love to help you. And you should never hesitate to learn anything from anyone. If you see someone in your team is excellent in a particular work, and you often need to do such works. Then you should ask him the way of doing it perfectly, and the easy way of any difficult work. But if you hesitate to ask because he is lower employee, or you think that you are superior then your team and your whole organization is soon going to fail. So adopt this habit also.

6. Do proper planning

This is the most important work of a leader. You may be doing other works in your team also but as a leader this is your most important work. If you can not do it properly then you are not a good leader. But if you do this work properly and your other works are being done by someone else then it is not a big deal for you or the whole team. If you can do proper planning that who will do what and what is the most important work of the team, then your organization may become successful. You may also think of the reaction of the public. Every time you should not only assume but you should try to get opinion from the public. The most common way of doing this is taking survey. Taking survey is a method that is adopted by big companies and also new start ups to check whether the public wants what they are creating. But all the time surveys are not correct because people may say that like this thing but when they hear the price they don’t want it. So as a leader you need to bring the MVP ( minimum viable product) to the market first and check whether the public is using it or not. Is the public paying for it or not? The product development team should keep working on the development so that even if the competition tries to create the same product they remain behind you. And if the public does not like it then it will be better to know it after spending money than after spending all the money or huge sums of money, that are very important for other tasks also, so do everything after planning because you are the leader.

7. Take steps immediately

Proper planning is good, you should do research also and you should take opinion from the public also. But don’t forget to take steps because if you will delay much and your competition also gets the same idea then he will surely try to take immediate steps to grab the whole market. And if you can’t do this one thing correctly then the hard work and the knowledge, skills of your whole team would go vain. And I don’t think that they will remain with you later also because their hard work and knowledge could not get them food, they need money and if you keep on doing such stupidity then soon they will not be having anything for them and their family. Employees can work with less important project, they may work where their passion is not fulfill but they can’t work where they are not getting money, and hard work does not bring any profit to them and the whole organization. Therefore, this is the most important point. Even many times, get great ideas but they never implement those ideas and therefore, they remain nothing and no one ever knows them. This is a very important task but I know that it is also a very difficult task. But if you could do it then you may fail once or twice but in the long term you will surely get benefitted from this attitude. So be ready to take risk and after taking risk you can do what you want. Even Mark Zuckerburg has said that the biggest risk in taking no risk. He is right because by taking no risk you are taking risk with your future. Today’s loss is not more than tomorrow’s regret.

8. Give best environment to individual talents to rise

Many times the leaders give so much of work load to their team members that they can’t show their individual talents or they can’t develop new skills. So then this is a danger for your organization because they are not going to do new things and it will decrease their creativity, and in such a competitive world creativity plays a very important role. So you need to develop an environment that you can nurture new talents. At Apple, they give their employees a month leave ( or approximate this time, I don’t know exactly) and pay them for this period. They give them this holiday and they ask the employee to come again with a solution to solve a problem at the company or come up with a new idea of a new product or making it better, or make anything else better. So, in short, they are asked to get a new idea for the company. If that idea is really great then they may become a leader of the development of the new product development team, then they may soon become important and may be one day, the CEO. They give this leave because they want their employees to think for the company and believe that it is their company. This is will make the employees develop creativity. SO this is important to get the most from their employees. So you also need to find a way that you can develop this feeling in your employees. And one very important thing is that you don’t punish your employees if their ideas fail. Even if their idea fail you should not punish them because at least they tried and in future thy may come up with much better ideas and one of them may be very important for the company. But if you punished one of the employees for a bad idea, then others will also not try new things because they have fear of punishment. So try to develop the best environment for your whole team

9. Take responsibility for failure

You are a leader so you are the face of your organization. Whatever your organization is doing, it is believed that you are doing this. When Facebook takes a new step, then we think that Mark Zuckerburg is taking that decision. It may also happen that others have given the idea and they working on it, but since he is the face so we will think that he has taken the decision. He gets respected for the amazing decisions taken by the company. And when something goes wrong then he is also criticized. As you have seen that now Facebook is being criticized because another organization has leaked the data of the users of the users of Facebook. But even in this case, Mark is being criticized. He has not done all these things but being the face of the organization he is being criticized. But what we should learn from him that he is not running from his responsibilities. Even today he is trying to take Facebook to another level of success. For this he needs to extreme hard work. Many organizations try to call him to ask several questions, and he go to big organizations so that his website could keep working. Now everyone wants him to resign but he is not doing this because he knows that no one can run it better than him. So you also should take responsibility of your whole company. You even need to get ready for criticism because things always go wrong because you can do all the things correct. And the whole world is ready to criticize you so be ready to get criticized and learn from that criticism.

10. Give respect and reward for good work

 You need to give proper rewards to your employees, because then only they will believe that their hard work and skill is paying them something. You need to give them rewards in public so that everyone can come to know what good they have done to the company. This way they get extra enthusiasm for working and also they get emotionally attached to the so they will not leave you even if they are getting better salary from any other company. It is because now the company is not only yours but they believe that it is their company. Others employees will also get motivated to do extra work so that they can also get that respect and reward. As many employees will do good work, as many employees will get rewards and respect. The more those people will become more passionate for working in the company. Then more people will become more loyal to you and your company which will make it a better place to work. It is because people will not try to defeat each other but they try to win. So this type of environment is needed for the company. But one very important thing is that you don’t scold then in public. When they do something wrong then they should be told in private so that others will not come to know about that. This way they will believe that the company and the leader cares for them. This will increase the loyalty of your employees on the company as well as on you as a leader. So try to adopt these things.

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