Are Schools Source Of Education Or Source Of Revenue !!

Now it is the thinking of many people that the schooling in India is not up to the mark but the problem is that still now we are following it blindly. Not only Indians but foreigners also criticize Indian schooling. A few months ago, the co founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, also criticized Indian schooling. He raised only one point that in India there is no place of practicals and experimentation. And being, true it is one of the many important points. But as he said this many Indian executives who are at the top level from India as well as abroad said a lot about it on Twitter and almost a war was started. Mr. Anand Mahindra said that to Wozniak on Twitter that when he will come back again he will sing a different tune. Did you see that he took the side of India being an Indian but he didn’t say that Wozniak was wrong because he knew that Wozniak was right. No one of us could deny this fact that our education does not need any change, if you are saying truth, otherwise you could say anything. But even though, we are not changing. So the question arises that are our schools of any use to the students or they are useless. Now schools have almost transformed into businesses. So does it really mean that education is useless in India or is this of any use. In this article we will talk about this only. I have reasons that whether it is useful or not. Are schools a source of education or a source of revenue and at the end I ask you to tell me what is true. So let’s start this article by seeing that how Indian schools have turned to businesses.

1.Fees is increasing continuously but not facilities or quality of education

Most of the students in India are not studying in government schools which are cheap but they are studying in private schools which are extremely expensive and English medium. Well, the fees of those schools increase very quickly on a regular basis but not the facilities that are being provided. They remember to increase the fees but they forget that they should increase the facilities and quality of education also. They increase fees and what is the reason – their students are performing well in the exams, especially board exams, so they get the license of increasing the fees of the school because marks and performance in exams is considered the only way of scaling the school education and the students capabilities also. They all the time care for marks only and increase the fees of the school. But if we ask to justify the raise in the school’s fees they they will keep on giving endless reasons but none of those reasons is considerable, most of the times. Only a few times they have proper reasons of increasing the fees while at other times they are just increasing the fees on the basis of school’s performance in the exams but they don’t care for the capabilities of that student. If the child is good at other skills but not studies then he is considered a stupid. I have read the biography of Einstein many times, even Einstein was not good at studies except Maths ( since there was not Science in his first school in Berlin) and his head master expelled him from the school because he was not good in studies but asked questions and then the teacher could not teach in the classroom because he almost revolted after it. He was someone who is having strong belief on his ideas. Even in college he revolted sometimes with some teachers who studies what contradicted his own ideas and theories( he had not published any theory until that time). But I only want to mention that if Einstein could be thought of being a stupid then easily anyone else, who is getting less marks can be considered a stupid even if he is very capable.

2.They bother all the time for fees, even more than education

In India, a very popular film was created named ‘3 idiots’. The film featured Amir Khan who is a very popular actor. In the one scene of the film, Amir gave a boy money and said that if he want to study then buy the uniform of any school and sit there without giving any fees and when they ask for money then leave the school. But I think that this is not possible in Indian schools now. If he tried it now then he need to change the schools everyday and he will not be able to study one single day. If you want to study then you have to give fees. Well, I don’t say that they should not take fees but they emphasize on it so much, even more than education, I don’t like it. School officials ask the students why are they not giving fees but just think practically, is that student going to supply the money or his parents. They should call the parents but they disturb students. Do you really think that it is right? Fees is a necessity but it should not be given preference over studies and education, but now the schools can’t allow the students sit in the classroom if he has not submitted the fees. If a child is not getting equality in school then this is OK but if the student has given his fees then it can never be handled. This kind of attitude is destroying Indian education, Indian schools and also Indian community and culture. We think that the children now are not as sincere as they used to be in the early age but we should not forget that the education has also changed very much. If education will be better then we will also be better.

3.They try to get money all the time

Well, do you remember that last time when the school asked you to buy extra books and they were not easily available everywhere, but they were available only at one shop that the school recommended. They said that you can buy it from anywhere you want so in this way they can say that they didn’t forced you to buy it from there. They even say that you can buy extra books but most of the part of the question paper will contain questions from that book only. The school has not forced you to do anything but you are doing what they want. But it may not be a very significant way and we can’t surely say that the school is getting commission from the retailer so there are other points also. Many times some project creating teams come to the school and we need to pay for those projects. They formally say that they don’t force students but just imagine if this has happened with you. If other students are buying it and you are not buying then surely teachers will scold on other small matters. Other students will surely tease you because you are not buying the project kit, and then finally you will be forced and your family will any how give you money to buy the project kit. The school gives that money to the team, but does really that kit cost this much? Is the school really not making money in between? I don’t need to answer these questions. And if we talk about buying identity cards from the school or photographs then it has been very normal in private schools. Sometimes the school organizes different tours then the take money, I don’t say that they should do this for free but the amount is very high. Just imagine that will the class teacher not force all the students or will the other friends not force you if you are not going? Finally money needs to be paid and finally you will say that it does not worth that much money. And after so huge amount of money what are the facilities provided during the tour? These are only a few ways of getting money but there are many more that I can’t write here because the schools may revolt against me. But if you really want to know more than give me so much support that they can’t do anything to me. I need your support very much.

4.Facilities given in the fee book are not provided properly

Well, it is very common for the school to provide various facilities in the fee book and then not providing them properly. Just remember has it happened with you also that computer lab or Science lab  is given one facility but you are not taken there in the whole session or you are just taken there only once or twice a session just for saying that you have used the labs. Even when you were taken there you did nothing but the teacher only introduced different things and then the period was over and you came back and next time the turn came in the next session. Finally you went there once a week when you were going to appear in the practicals of that subject. It only shows that if exams or practical exams are not going to take place then practicals are stupid and you don’t need to do practicals. Wozniak said this only. I say that students in India even cram practicals. Teachers even take practical exams on paper, believe me my teachers had also taken my test in the past. They just ask that what will happen if you did this. Then you just need to remember by cramming that what will happen. The practicals which you will do are going to be part of the exams and no other practicals other than those will be allowed to be done. You can’t do other practicals because that will require other materials then they may get damaged or they may finish like chemicals, so you just need to be fulfilled with the experiments that will be part of the exams.

5.Fines are implemented for small reasons

Well, most of the times, damages are done unknowingly, but even though they ask for money. We can’t say that it is wrong because finally the student has done something wrong. But if the damaged thing has been very old and it was going to be replaced then the fine should also be small because otherwise soon that was going to be thrown to garbage. But if the student has broken it then full amount is taken from his as that thing was brand new or the new thing is very amazing. I mean to say that most of the times, the new object does not worth that amount and if the student himself would have brought the object then it would have been cheaper but good, but they school wants fine. But I frankly say, that a few teachers try that the child would be given other punishment than fine. They don’t want to force the child to give fine because they understand that it is very difficult for poor children to give extra money for that, but those teacher are negligible in number, and I have seen only a few of them. Other kinds of fines are also taken from the students like late fee fine and others also and the students need to pay for it and they are beaten badly in their home because of many schools’ money making mind set. We all know this but we are not able to do any change and this is the worst of finding a problem that you can’t change it.

Now we have said a lot about schools that shows that they have become businesses but even though we are not changing it. It is because even now there are some positive part of the schools and our education system. So let’s see why are the schools not being totally changed and we are waiting them to change themselves slowly. What are the ways in which the school is still a source of education for the students. Let’s see why.

1.Teachers try to make all students learn

It is very true that teachers try their best that all students learn properly. They want to teach all the students as much as they can. They even give their free periods to the students if any student wants to ask them something. They easily give them opportunity to study from them, even when they are taking rest or doing other work like checking notebooks or other things. They need to finish that work also but they devoted their time to us so that they we can understand something that we have not understood. But when it comes to show the practicals of those subjects then our teachers can’t support us. It is because different equipment is used to do any practical and if anything gets damaged then the school needs to change it and teachers are questioned that how that got damaged then the answer is that they were doing new practicals. Then they guide teachers to follow the syllabus only so our teachers stop showing new things in the labs by which we could learn new things. This is the main reason of decreasing experimentation in the schools of India. When one teacher is denied then other teachers also stop this then this keeps on passing to generations of teachers in that school and now a stage has came that it has evolved in every school. So finally it is because of the school’s management that we can’t do experiments that we like to do but that are not in the syllabus. The syllabus has become an obstacle of doing new experiments but this was implemented so that at least this was taught in that class but now this is the most that is being taught in the school.

2.Different competitions are organized in the schools

There is no doubt that competitions are held in the schools. That competitions promote students to do become better. Many quiz competitions are held that promote the students to know more than the syllabus of the school. The students try to win the competition and for that they need to study more than the syllabus. In that attempt, they may lose the competition but they win in their lives. But they problem is that even such competitions are not held regularly, they are held once a year. Students should themselves study new things but if they do this and don’t get good marks in exams then studying those things was waste of time. So do you think that they can do this waste of time if they are nit promoted by the school. The school should regularly organize such quizzes or start taking another exam of such knowledge so that the student can do better in this exam and manage to get good marks in total. Many sports competitions also take place that promote students to take part in those events also and they become fit also if they practice of that sport regularly. Again, I say that children should exercise themselves but if they don’t get marks then what? But if they win in that competition then parents will come to know that you are good in that sport and you should be promoted in that sport, but for that school needs to take steps.

3.Gives opportunities of better understanding

Nowadays a new trend has been started of smart boards. They use a projector and a stylus and a remote with a CPU inside it. Being true, no one can afford that in their homes so the school gives them the opportunity to study from that thing. They can help us understand what we could not understand without seeing. For example, understanding is easy with the help of videos but it is a little difficult by just hearing. It is because by seeing we can get example of what to do, but by hearing we need to imagine and if we imagine wrong then everything will be wrong, and we can’t do it properly. So this helps us to visualize everything properly. Then after it a series of questions are there based on the topic taught. The best thing is that they are different from the questions in the books. We don’t get the questions from the book always. We are also able to talk to other students studying the same subjects but imagine this would have been very difficult if everyone was taught at their homes and couldn’t clear their queries related to the subject with their classmates because they didn’t know that which child is studying what. So this opportunity is given to us by the school only but we often neglect this fact but this is very important thing.

4.Library is there for extra reading

In the library, there are many kinds of books that are out of the syllabus also but that the student might like. You may get biographies there of the person whom you respect the most, like Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, and other people that are not in the syllabus. You can get it easily there. You can buy it also but how many books can you buy? You can’ buy a book each day and if you didn’t like the book then return the book to the shopkeeper and get a new one. Library therefore, helps us a lot. And I you are someone who likes to read books on a regularly basis then library is like heaven to you because you don’t have to pay for the books to read. We can study many books on internet also, but even though, many are paid and can’t be get for free. And many people also can’t sit in front of a screen for hours for reading books. So we should respect the library and I do respect all the libraries in the city also because I go there regularly to read books and bring some home and then return to the library. This is the best feature of library that we can issue books to return later.

5.Teachers can tell more than syllabus

Many times it happens that when the teacher taught you something then you various questions came to your mind. Then you read book to find the answer but that thing is not in your syllabus, so you can’t find it there. But you are extremely curious to know the answer. So you may get books from the library but just imagine reading such a big book will take time but you are extremely curious to know the answer quickly. If this has happened to you then you might understand why I am emphasizing on it so much. Then the best easy part is to ask your teacher when he is not teaching. It is helpful because when further queries will come up in your mind then you ask easily and you may know the things that are not written in the book you were going to study. So a teacher is extremely useful in that situation. So we should not neglect this fact that schools have teachers. This is very obvious I understand but the truth is that they are extremely useful for everyone. School without teachers is like a human without bones and a school without students is like a student without blood. Students are also very important to the school.

So I ask you a question that whether schools are important or not? Should schools be changed or they should remain the same as they are? Tell me whatever you think on this topic because you may have different views on this topic and please share this article with your friends and teachers also.

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