How Middle Class Children Can Become Millionaire !!

If I ask you that who is the world’s most successful person then what would be your answer? Well, I think that some of you will say, Jeff Bezoz, while some will definitely say, Bill Gates, not because people don’t know who is the richest person but because of his history and personality. He had a net worth of around $100 billion in 2000 and others were not even half. He has donated a lot of money to charity, it is a trait of successful people. And even now he is extremely rich and is continuously giving huge sums of money to charity. But just leave this thing, we are talking about success. As you have seen that we measure success on money scale, I don’t say that it is very correct, but I also can’t deny that money is a factor. So in this article, I will tell you that how can you become extremely rich, or I should say a billionaire (or millionaire). But without proceeding any further, I want to clarify that this method is mostly for children, parents can help their children in becoming rich, and other adults can also read but this is most beneficial for children, because it require time and patience. Another very important thing is that you need to do hard work. Actually, I am going to talk practically so you need to do work, therefore, I don’t want to keep you in illusion of overnight success. The title says that it is for middle class children, not poor, because I know that poor children will not be able to read this article on the internet. But, even though, you need to work extremely hard during the day, and sleep properly at night. Well, I don’t recommend you to have sleepless nights because you need to work with maximum productivity. Sleep is also very important for your creativity which will help you to become successful so let’s start.

1.Focus on skills you have since childhood

You should always focus on skills that you have in childhood. It is difficult to adopt new skills when you grow up, but being true, even in childhood it is difficult to adopt new skills. But it is not very much productive. But I suggest that you should be able to find out your inner strength, and then focus on this skill only. Just suppose if Messi would not have played football since childhood, and after playing and knowing his skills, he didn’t play it all day and night, do you think that he would have reached this stage? Well, being true, I don’t think that. so I suggest focus on your power, not on your weakness. I just want to ask a quick question for students, if you have got 3 marks in a subject out of 10, and in the second subject you got 7, so on which subject will you focus more? I assume that most of you would have said that you focus on the first, but you know what I will do, I will focus on the other subject. It is because I am already good on that subject, so I am already at a good level, a little extra hard work and focus means that I will be much more than my classmates, and if I keep on doing this then one day I may become the best in the world. But if I focused on the other subject, I may become average in that subject but not the best in the world. So just imagine who gets more fame, respect and money, best only in one field or average in many fields? IF you can answer this question then I expect that you know what to do in future. In this way, from childhood you have a target, what to do in future.

2. By using the growth of other things and be visionary

By this I mean you should be a little observant. You should see that what is growing and what can help you become extremely successful. For example, in the 1990’s internet was growing very rapidly. Many people knew this but only few visioned the opportunities in this thing. Earlier, people didn’t want it to grow and no one expected it to be so big today. It is like that no one imagined how big the computer industry could become. But in both the cases some people observed this and were ready to do something on this field to become successful. In the internet era, Google arose along with Amazon and a few years later, Facebook. Now I don’t think that I need to say anything about the success of these start ups. They have been extremely successful and growing rapidly. They have joined their growth with the growth of the internet, and internet was growing like a beast, and with that beast these companies also grew. It is extremely great examples of using the growth of other things. Another great example is the growth of smart phone market, and everyone knows who grew the most with this growth, Apple. Steve Jobs envisioned the smart phone phone sector and launched iPhone and today it is the most valuable company. You also need to observe which sector is growing and how you can be very successful. Just do brainstorming, sectors like energy, pollution control, education will grow so you just need to think how you can use these things to become successful or I should say billionaire.

If you are really serious about this topic, then you should definitely read the book below. 99% will not read it and they will not become successful also.

3. By taking steps on new ideas

When you come up with a brilliant idea, I expect if you really work hard for finding a new idea then you will surely get a new idea, then do research on that idea whether it is possible or not, is should be done or not, then plan out how to make it a reality. You came up with an idea so you completed first step, now you need to plan how to do all these things. You again need to invest your time, may be a few days, but it is fine because you can change the whole world with that idea, and you yourself can become extremely successful. Just be determined that you need to do proper planning. Then now you completed the second step, so now what you should do? You now need to be mentally prepared for doing what you have planned. I know that it is extremely hard to take steps, because you need to invest your time, money and be ready for failure. It is extremely risky but just imagine that you can. You are doing this, not only for you, not only for your family, but for the whole world, you are doing this for millions of people who are suffering with the problem you are solving because what you are creating will change the whole world. The more time you delay the more time those poor people need to suffer. Thinking of a new is not very difficult, many people have great ideas, you planned out and it is not very difficult but what is really difficult is taking steps, and here millions of people fail. You need to come out of this problem. And I also say be ready for failure because failure may come once or twice but if you remain there then surely you will become successful. There are many people who tried once and failed, but they are negligible people who stood up and tried again, and they are in the list of being very successful.

4. By thinking long term

You need to think long term. I don’t mean that you should think of doing anything in the future and in the long term. Don’t be confused. I mean that when you complete the third step and start taking steps then you should think long term. Again, I don’t mean taking very long time for taking new steps for the start up. But I mean thinking of the future of the start up. Where you want your start up to be in the next 5 or 10 years. Yes, you should thinking monetarily also, how much revenue will the company generate, what will be the value of the start up, but more than that what will the start up be doing? You should think what be the impact of your start up on the public, what difference will your start up create in the whole world, what are the different services that your start up is giving to the whole world, and how it is doing all these things. When Amazon started it was just an online book store but from the starting, it’s founder Jeff Bezoz has thought that one day Amazon will sell all the goods that you could be bought by a customer, and today, Amazon is very near to that mission. They are just trying to complete this single mission from that day, and in that mission they have grown so much. They are trying that thing and you need to learn from that thing. You think long term but you should not be attracted by the small and early greed of yourself. If you want to buy a new car then the funds of the company are not for that. Just wait and I am also giving tips on how to fulfill all your wishes with the long term vision of the company.

5. Thinking how even when impossible

Many many situations will come in front of you when you would think that it is impossible, others near you will say that it is impossible, your team will say that it is impossible, but even, in that situation you need to think how. You should try to find the solution of the problem but it is really very difficult to believe on yourself that you can. Do you know many times people believe on themselves when others didn’t believe and then they changed the whole world. Do you know that when Steve Jobs was working on the development of the iPhone, he said to the team that the iPhone should have only one button. That was the time when only button mobiles were there. All the other companies, wanted that their smart phones have many buttons so that all the different applications could work on the device. But Steve Jobs wanted to place only one button and wanted the software to create all the virtual buttons needed. Today, we use such smartphones only but that was the vision of just one man. When he told this to his team they said no, it can’t happen and it is impossible, but he asked them to think. The manufacturers also denied that this can’t happen but with the continuous effort of Steve Jobs it became reality and we all are the evidence of that. One such story is of Henry Ford also but that is for some other day. So in this way, you need to believe in your vision and make your team believe on your vision. But if you think instead of believing you can’t, then one day surely you can.

6. Save to invest, don’t save to save

All the parents want to develop the habit of saving in their children. Many times children adopt this habit from their parents. It is good it is not bad. But the thing is that parents don’t teach their children the way of using that money. When children grow up many times they just spoil all their hard earned and saved money. They spoil their hard work of months and years because they don’t know how to use it. And sometimes they just keep that money with them forever, they never use it. They never even try to capture good opportunities of becoming rich by doing small investments. I say that parents should also teach their children the right way of using money. Ask children to save money, by giving them and also give them small tasks and then give them money. It would generate a feeling of self respect in them and also independence. Then ask them to buy one thing, a chocolate or a notebook which they need. It is really difficult for a child to leave chocolate but they a notebook to go to school next day otherwise their teacher would scold them. So most probably he child will buy a notebook. All this stupidity will give them a teaching of controlling their emotions and use money in a proper way which will help them in future. In this way, they are investing their money. They can later on learn how to do investment in stocks. Soon I will post an article over this topic also. So keep reading this article.

7. By dreaming big

It is a very important factor in becoming extremely successful and rich (I mean billionaire) because if you don’t have a big dream then there is no reason of doing any hard work in becoming great. Dream does not only mean becoming rich, I even don’t promote such dreams but dream should be like a task. That I will give electricity to everyone easily and at very cheap rates, I will write the content that everyone needs and it should help everyone ( My dream). You need to run afterwards behind that one single dream, as Amazon is running behind the dream of selling everything that could be sold but as new products are created everyday it is becoming difficult for them to complete their mission, and it is the reason that even today they are working. When their mission would be completed then they would not remain as aggressive as they are today. So it is good to have a very difficult and big dream. The mission of Microsoft was to make the use of P.C. extremely easy for everyone and they have almost completed their task and therefore, before a few years, they show a decline. But now they are working on cloud computing and a little other things also and therefore, now again they are rising. You need to dream big and make that dream the mission of your life. And live your whole life for that dream. Then surely you will be able to complete and it will give you the power of doing what you want. You will be unstoppable.

8. By being leaders, not followers

You need to do something in a new idea who no one else is doing. If you want others to take steps first and you will work if they become successful then you will try. IF this is your mentality then sorry, you can’t successful and you also can’t become billionaire. But you can only do a 9 to 5 job, and get a small pay every month, and work on the fingers of the employer. For becoming you need to be leader in a field. You need to do start. When everyone understood the potential of computers and everyone wanted to be a computer manufacturer, Bill Gates along with Paul Allen started Microsoft. At that time, no one knew whether they will be successful or not, but they are here. Even now they are the unrivalled king in the software world and even today maximum computers are having Windows, but there is no such leader in the computer manufacturers. They started almost together, and all were trying to get a higher market share but Microsoft just captured the whole market, and became leaders. So don’t wait for others, they are your competitors and if you will give them chance then they will finish so just try to take steps as immediately as you can. Because the world is changing very rapidly and also the needs of the people. So be quick.

9. By reading about other successful people

It is very important to read about other successful people and learn from them. You should only learn from their achievements but you should also learn from their failures. You should try to find out what they did wrong and what should have been done at that time. In this way, if any similar problem comes to you, then you can easily find out the answer. We even also get extremely inspired by their stories. You just need to tell yourself that if they can then why can’t you. Just think over it carefully and then make any judgement over this. I hope that reading such books will help you a lot. So it is my advice please read books it will help you very much. It has helped me also very much. So try to learn from them as much as you can. In this regard, I tell you that they all read very much, so you also read very much, and for that subscribe my blog forgetting good content to read everyday like other successful people.

10. Believe on yourself

It is the most important thing. If you are reading this article then it means that you want to be extremely rich. For that thing it is very important that you believe on yourself. This is the point where most people are defeated. They don’t believe on themselves and sometimes take stupid decisions of others’ advice. Remember it is your life, if you will become successful them you will become successful, if you will fail then you will fail, so do it your own way. You should take advice but afterwards, think over it and apply it only if it is good. You should not do anything because the other person is more intelligent. It is your dream and you know the best about it. So don’t do anything which you think is incorrect. Be a little arrogant to yourself, when you are thinking what to do. If someone else says something and you don’t understand then don’t do it even it is right. Because after all you are accountable to everyone. You have all the responsibilities. So understand it.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope that you may get benefit from this one day you become very successful. Best of luck to you because you are going to a very difficult mission. I know it. So best of luck.

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