How To Easily Create A BLOG Website To Earn Money!

This is one of the important points of discussion in every teenagers life not only teenagers but everyone in today’s world like to earn money without investing anything into it. I know that you are very desperate to earn money and want to be independent and of course you all want to pay your fees or any other pays by your own. But guys making money is not simple as you all think it takes quite much hard work , your time and all of the most patience which is the most important thing you must have if you want to earn money and I know you all are the most patient person in the world and can put all the hard work and the required time into it. You must be wondering that you will become rich within few weeks so guys that is the most dumb thing in this earning line. It is said by most of the successful people that if you want to earn then do the work thinking that you will not get anything in return and it is also considered as the first rule of earning.
So talking of earning money with no investment at all there are quite a few ways for that but in this blog I will be discussing majorly about blogging and most popular blogging platforms which offers you the most efficient tools to post your views for other people on any hobby. So lets start todays discussion .
Here are some of the most popular ways of free blogging and of course earning money.
Here is the first money earning site or blogging site called as WORDPRESS . Yeah this is the most considerable and referred method for blogging which is mostly referred by the top bloggers who also have started blogging basics with this site and are earning thousands of dollar by just blogging and have made blogging their profession only. It is the site which offers you a blogging platform with quite a few appropriate , effective and free to use designing and posting tools which not only offers a blogging platform but also offers you free site creation . Talking of WordPress one thing comes in mind that if it is one of the most popular blogging and site creating platform then is it totally free or it charges something in return so the answer of this question is absolutely no , it does not charges you anything in return and you have to just create your account and start blogging by choosing appropriate theme. You can use their custom domain or you can use your purchased domain also to your very own blog. So what are you waiting for just go to this site and start blogging there.
This is the term majorly used by every blogger who has started from crap or also by people on YouTube who provides you tips on how to blog or other blog related tips and tricks. Guys believe me if you want to earn money and also have patience then you should go there and start blogging there. Blogger is a platform which provides you the most appropriate tools to blog and your blog most effective and also attractive. Bloggers interface is just like your word pad interface and also contains similar type of tools which will surely help you to blog. Bloggers contains various types of settings and special which may not be there in other blogging platforms and which will surely help you to rank your blog on google or may be Bing. Additionally it has a direct contact with google AdSense and will help you to just post the blog and get it approved by google AdSense for showing adds on your post. It also gives you the opportunity to create multiple blogs and the same time and you can create as many blog as you can and also save them as draft if you are not completed yet. Now is it also free? the answer is same it is absolutely free and you can add your domain if you want otherwise if gives you its own custom blog on each and every blog. Just go to this site and make your account or sign up with your google account and get started. One more point I would like to add on here that you should read there policies first which also provides you the instruction to start and also the time when you can apply for google AdSense. You can also share your post directly from here to your friends on Facebook or also by email.
This is just considerable and one the most advance platform for blogging. I am not saying that there is anything additional or new in this platform.
But is the most easiest free of cost blogging platform to operate which is majorly used by the most successful bloggers of the time. It creates a user friendly environment which helps in to use its add-ons and various functions more efficiently than ever or on any other platform. This also offers you the opportunity to select the desired theme and you can also purchase theme from their theme store also and alike other blogging platform it offers its very own custom domain service and also you can add your own domain url to your blog . It manages your blog properly and additionally it offers you the viewers analytics and also to change and manage them. If you can purchase or are willing to purchase their hosting then you can purchase also which is quite easy here. It saves you data automatically and provides to time posting service that is you can just save your post as a draft in their database and set the time when you want to get it posted and they will automatically post your bog for you which the most coolest feature I would like to see in other free Blogging and hosting platform. You have to just go there and create an account there and then you have to start your blog their but after choosing the desired theme for your blog and you can also purchase their hosting if you want any other additional feature. So just go there and make an account as soon as possible.
As the name is suggesting that it is the medium to interact with people through posting and crafting you views and opinions on your blog. This platform is just made for beginners or who are going to start their blog as with time it teaches you how to blog properly and how to get your blog rank first and also which niche is best for you by taking some of your details. Like all other blogging platforms it will also provide its custom domain and you can also give your own domain url to your blog. The one thing which I like the most about this site is that it teaches you with time either by there own blogs or by their video tutorials so you don’t have to worry if you are new to blogging or a beginner. You just have to go to this site and have to sign up to this site and it will teach the rest of blogging part like which theme to choose or what settings to do as per your blogs need. After all this your journey as a blogger starts here where you have to start by writing basic blogs and posting theme. It also provides you the feature to share your blog directly to your friends either by Facebook or by email sending. So start writing your blog and sharing it with your friends. You can also purchase various packages which is offered by this site only to get access to most of its features.
If you really want to blog and have patience like a pro then don’t go to this site because this site is one of the most fastest earning site by blogging or by creating a site. As the name suggests it is really different from other sites as it depends on your writing skills that how far you can go and how much you achieve here by blogging. The secret behind this is that most of the people like to read the blogs posted by GHOST as it contains the most appropriate , advance and effective contents.

Now if it gives you this much then it will surely take something in return , don’t panic guys I am not talking about giving money to this site but by getting approved for this site as it asks you to show your posted or written blogs and if your blogs are good enough you can just go and start blogging there otherwise you are rejected and can never apply if you are rejected three times. After getting approved you will have you try expert level best and the truth is it totally depends on luck only , so very good luck my friends.
Don’t waste your time go to this site and try your luck.
If you are bored trying other ways to earn money and want to start blogging as fast as you can then may be this is the site you want. Don’t go to the name because the name has different meaning but its work is really effective and also expert level. Alike other blogging platform it offers you the tools that you want to blog and absolutely for free.

It provides you different themes form which you can easily choose your desired theme as per your blog’s requirement and then you can take a popular niche and start expressing yourself there on the post , remember guys it totally depends on your content and your posting frequency that how frequently you post your blog and whether you post the blog on daily bases or not. It provides you all the features and tools that you will require to post a blog and make your blog attractive by designing it.

What you have to do is that you have to go there and make an account there and choose an appropriate theme and start blogging there. It provides you appropriate functions like to share your blog’s post with your friends to get more and more views.
It is the best way to express your opinions and views with the help of words you other people. Weebly is the platform which contains it all whether it is layout , theme or is it features to modify your blog. Now what is special in here . The thing that is special here is that it creates a user friendly environment for the bloggers which helps you to create your post more effectively or to modify it which with your most creative ideas.

It also provides its own url for the blog for its promotion and all the features are totally free here which will make your blog more effective and attractive. And not only this you can also modify your blog also after posting it. It provides you various settings like themes , you can also come with your own theme by attaching the theme to this site if you want to. You can easily share your blogs by posting it on Facebook or sending it to your friends by emails.
Just go to this site and create a blog here and start writing it.
If you are fed up with the rejections to your google AdSense ads on your blog to start earning and if you don’t know from where to start you can come here because this is just made for you. This is the site which have been searching for because it is free and teaches to with best blogging tips that how to blog or how to create a site which is more effective and have the potential to attract others with time.

What you have to do is that you have to go to this site and have to make an account here and start by choosing theme first because you can not change it after posting your blog so choose the theme as per you blog’s need carefully and start posting you blog on any kind of niche or topic that you want. So don’t waste your time go to this site and start posting your blog here and also you can share it with your friends.

So guys this was all about free blogging platforms but I would like to end up by discussing some of the important things that you should do before starting your blog:-
1)Choose the niche perfectly – Make sure that the niche or topic you are choosing suits you best and you have almost all knowledge about it.
2)Gather knowledge first- If You are about to start a blog then start by gathering knowledge about it so that you can easily explain it to your viewer.
3)Be legit- Make sure that the content you have posted is not copied and is your very own content otherwise you will never get approved by google AdSense.
4)Use proper words- Make sure your language should be simple and legit which the user can easily understand and it should contain all the information that the viewer would need.
5)Try to make the heading controversial- I meant this guys because if your blog title is controversial then it will create suspense in the viewer’s mind and he/she will forced to read that.

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