How lazy People Can Become Rich Easily !

Can this really be done practically as this is written on the title? Is this for doing also, or to just get clicks? Well, yes this can be done really. This is not a click bait. You will feel that you have invested your time in a good article after reading this article. This blog is for those people who think that they are really smart but very lazy. This is for those who are good leaders, but can’t do anything by their own. It is for those who love money, but sleep more. If you are this type of person, then this blog may change your life. So if you think that this article may help you and change your life, then please apply the tips and tricks given in this blog to your real life also because without your initiation in your life, this is useless.

This website, is for this purpose only, to make everyone successful and great in life. So this article is for lazy people, to make them powerful, great and rich. But I want to be very true, these tips are for lazy people, but this will also help them to leave laziness later. They will be able to start doing something big, then after it they may need to leave laziness because their initiative would have been very big and which requires hard work. Then I have a certain solutions in the article but if you would also start working hard yourself then this would be extremely helpful to everyone. By everyone, I mean everyone in the world because everything which changes the world was small in the starting, whether that is your initiation or my blog website So lets start this blog, and I hope you get benefits.

  • Be a little observant

You need to be a little observant to be very successful. If you think that this is useless, then I have a case study for you in the nest paragraph but till then read this one. Being observant here means that, you could see and analyse the problems of everyone around you and you can even analyse and easily see the solution which is not being seen by anybody else. Every problem has a solution so you just need to find the problem of the public. Now this depends on your thinking, and luck that when will you see a problem that can make you extremely successful. Remember, small problem means small success. Every company has a motive that hwy do they work. So try to find your motive of working. If you have got a problem then this would be easy for you, otherwise, it would be very difficult.

Now it is time for the case study, do you the name of this company Uber. I expect that you may be knowing since you are on the internet. Well, how did it start? It was founded by the man who could see that the passengers face a lot of problem to get a taxi when they needed to go somewhere. The other problem was that some taxi drivers asked for more fare. If the customer then a big quarrel was going to be started. From the side of taxi drivers, there were also many problems. They needed to drive from very long without a passenger, which costed them much. Some passengers also wanted to get cheap fares, which was a loss for the driver. Then after these problems the famous company, Uber started. Microsoft started because there were no really good software for computers, Google because searching was messy.

  • Solve problems by creativity

Well, this step comes only after you complete the first step. Well, you have found the problem of a large number of people, but they are not going to pay you for knowing the problems, even they also know their problems. But they can pay you for the solution of the problem. So try to find the solution for the problem which you have found. You can find various solutions but remember should be created by keeping the people who face the problem. In rural areas, you can’t give them smart phones for communication. You need to find something cheaper, even if it is less powerful. So first think that, could you get any profit by your solution by those people or not. If the people would not use the solution then your hard work has been useless, so find a solution that could be used by them.

When the problem of disconnection was found among people by a college student, he founded Facebook. Facebook was started so that people could come closer even if they are living far away. With this motive, Facebook started and now this company is so big, because it solved the problems of so many people. He solved the problem and the solution was affordable by everyone. The solution was not very expensive or was something that could not be used. At that time, internet was not so widespread, but it was growing very rapidly. So the solution also started to grow very rapidly, so the people having the problem started using the solution. So finally, everyone was benefited from the idea. I hope that you have understood what kind of a solution you should create. The motive is not just to earn money but to solve the problem. So solve problem.

  • Try to gather great people work for you

This is for lazy people so they can’t work for hours, but to create the solution in reality, it is necessary, so they need to get great people. A team is always the key to success, from a micro organization to the world’s biggest company, Apple. The only difference is that they need a team to make the company better and faster and you need a team to start your work. You need to use your savings, I don’t want to lie. Or the other way is start working on the project alone. The work which a hard working person would complete is 2 days, you will complete in a week, but at least you will start to work for the solution which will make you very successful. Remember this your company, not 9 to 5 job, do work whenever you could do.

Then once you have got the prototype or you have prepared a perfect plan then you can go to angle investors. If you could not complete the project yourself then call your friends who are loyal to you and who could work hard. Your friends should be capable to understand the problem, otherwise don’t involve them if they can’t. Once I made a team with one of my friends to create a solution for millions, but this thing only meant him millions of dollars but not the feeling to help others. Such people should not get money or success ever, so even I could not get success because of his attitude. Then soon a big company, come up with a similar solution. It’s not the same idea, but problem is solved, not completely. If you couldn’t work on your idea, others will.

This is very important for you as well as for great leaders like Bill gates, Steve Jobs. Actually they were great leaders only because they had great team. A good team is the requirement of every company. So you should see that every member is good for your company. Try that you would not do the same mistake as I did. I thought that I am capable of doing the work but I needed someone for assistance. The assistance included getting materials, doing what I say and other things. He only thought of money and he never wanted to help anyone. He even didn’t complete any of his work perfectly. His wrong attitude drowned me. So always try to get good employees only. If you chose someone wrong then fire him as soon as you come to know him. I hoe you have understood the importance of team.

  • Invest money in others like you

Well, try all this to do yourself. When you yourself become a little successful, or if you could not get know the problem of create the solution, then try to invest your money in other start ups. They need fund and your experience can help them. They need investment and you want returns, so first analyse everything completely and don’t be in a hurry. Analyze cool minded, then think of the future of the start up. If you think that it may be successful then invest. To know that whether they could be successful, see what is the problem they are solving. The number of people facing the problem and the number of people which will face the problem in future will tell you that whether you should invest your money or not. This is excellent way to be secure and grow rich with the help of others.

If you will wait for the company to go public, then the rates would be much higher then today so invest today. This is the strategy of all intelligent people. When Facebook was a private company, it was invested by Microsoft. When Google was starting it needed funds, so it was funded by Jeff Bezoz. These people helped each other and today all the companies are at the top of the world. We can learn to invest from them, we can learn to invest in competition from them, we can learn a lot from them. You may be knowing that when Apple was going to be bankrupt, Microsoft invested. They were rivals but even though Microsoft invested, and who allowed this investment, Bill Gates. They all got good returns so invest where you could get good returns for yourself. This is a good tip for lazy people to earn money.

  • Save money from income to invest in passive income

Well, if you want to be a billionaire then you should definitely have multiple sources of revenue. You should start saving money and then invest that money in passive incomes. Income is of to types: active and passive. When you need to work for money and when you don’t work you are not paid is active income. But when you don’t need to work for money and you earn money even when you sleep is called passive income. So instead of active income, try to earn money from passive income also. This is required because you can’t do many works at the same time but you will earn from many places in this way and your active income will not be affected by this way. When you will use your mind once, then your income for your future will be increased very much. Try it.

Passive incomes could be generated in many ways and there are many types of passive incomes. One very much used way is to sell insurance. When you once sell an insurance, then client pays the installments every month, or in regular intervals of time, when they invest you will get paid. Well, if you start a company and the company runs on its own and you earn from the company, either from stock or in any other form, then the company is a source of passive income. I can give a number of ways to generate passive income, but I want you to think and get an idea of passive income which no one has ever thought. Use your brain and you could think of it. Don’t think that if others could not have thought of it, then how can you. But believe me you can do it.

  • Don’t spend on luxurious things

You need to save money to invest to earn money. This is very important and the biggest problem is buying luxurious things when you get money. It is very normal that people will buy new and luxury goods as soon they get money. All their intelligence and strategy with which they earned this money vanishes as soon as they get money. They just think how the delight of having that luxury item in their home, and showing off to friends and relatives. So make up your mind that you are not going to buy such things when you will have money. If you will say this from the starting then you may get the internal power required to avoid such luxurious things. You need to commit to yourself from the starting, otherwise you can’t avoid buying such luxury things. For your good future it is necessary very much.

Do you know that even today the legendary investor, Warren Buffet, is living in the same old house in which he lived when he was not a billionaire, and today he is having almost $80 billions. He does not waste money in stupid luxury things and therefore, he is here today. Do you know that Mark Zuckerburg himself drives a car which no kid of billionaire drives. It is just waste when we think of him. Why he does not wear expensive clothes, watches, shoes, etc. He does not like it, and more than that he is not having time for these things. He wants to use all his energy on Facebook only. Markis that much passionate for Facebook, are you passionate for your work? You would never have time for these things if you really want to work for your organization and make it bigger.

  • Live in society below your standards

I mean that you should live in a community that is below your financial status. If you will live there then even after spending a lot according to them, you would not have spent an amount that it much for you. By below standard, I don’t mean that you should live with tribes, but I only mean that you should not try to live with high class people who are much richer than you. They would be habitual of spending a lot of money, and may be you are not rich enough to do all that. But you would surely try to do like them, you would be wasting the money which you should invest. And even after doing all this, you will be a poor member of the group. This will force you to spend more and more. So this is an excellent way of spending money.

But in society where you lived when you were not as rich as now will be having people who spend less. There you will be a rich member of the group. You will always be left with very much money at the end of the month. So, you can invest that easily. You would be mentally very happy with yourself. This would help you to work hard even more to achieve more than this. Therefore, this is good for your health also. But in rich community, you would only be forced to spend more, you would not have money to invest, and you would be mentally frustrated because you could not spend like them. If you could all this then surely it will help you to become a millionaire or a billionaire. But keep living in the same house, as Warren Buffet does. That doesn’t require hard work.

  • Be in community of more successful people

Well, I don’t conflict with the views I had a few minutes ago in the previous paragraph, but this is a little different. I mean, that you should be in community of more successful people at work, or you should talk to them. I don’t mean to live. And being true, there is no problem in living near them. Most of the times, really successful don’t have to time to do stupid expensive things. They have money but they don’t spend it at such things. So being with them would always motivate you to be successful. You could learn from their experiences and you could ask for advice. The thing is that you should be in their community. You are the average of 5 people with whom you spend the most time. There is no scientific proof, but I think this.

If you want to be in community of successful people who are not alive, then there is a solution. Read books about them. Read their biographies, their interviews, their speeches and learn from them. The basic motive of this is to understand their thinking. They were great because of their thinking, so try to understand their thinking. If you understand their thinking, then your success is not very far. Our efforts, luck, persistence don’t make us successful, but being true, our thinking makes us successful. No one wants a person to be successful who is arrogant, and just wants money. We only want humble people to be successful. Calibre is playing no role this time, but our attitude and thinking. So change your thinking for better, and you luck would also change for better. You will start feeling a new energy and you will get clarity of work.

  • Follow other great investors

Well, this article is for lazy people so I can’t ask you to learn a new skill, but I said that you will become millionaire so you will become a millionaire. You should follow great investors in the stock market. This thing does not require hard work on learning new skill, or at any other thing. You just need to almost copy other investors. Well, you could even lose money on some of the stocks, but the probability is not very high. It is because I used the word great investors. So if they are great they should not lose very often. Check the updates on newspapers and magazines, about the stock in which they are investing and then invest your money there. This is extremely easy for you. But you need to wait for a few years to get benefit. But to quickly get benefit, read below.

If you are ready to learn investing then there are ways to get quick benefits. The ways are here, so just click there to go there. You would get a few tips and tricks that can get you very much money very quickly. But they are risky. But don’t worry, you could reduce the risk by your preparation. So don’t hesitate to read that article because a few minutes can change your entire life. Following other great investors has one problem, that may be they are wrong once. And you invested a bulk on that. Then what can you do? But if you will learn investment then you know which thing has how much risk. So learn it else than copying. Give a fish to a man and feed him for a day, teach him how to catch fish and feed him forever. I mean this.

  • Buy lottery

All the points which I have given require a little hard work, but this is very easy. You just need to go and buy a lottery. Do you know the best thing is that you can even send someone else to buy one for you. Sitting at your home you could become billionaire or millionaire if you win a big lottery. But the problem is you could not do anything for this. This totally depends on your luck. You can’t change it a bit. This is the best as well as the worst thing. It is best because you don’t need to do anything and it is worst because no one can do. So use this point if you really want not to do any work. But if you are ready then this is not meant for you. I hope you understand.

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