How modi can loose

Elections are going to take place in India in 2019 and there is quite competition between Modi’s party, that is, Bhajpa (BJP) and of course it’s rival Congress. In India, this is the time when the government will have to be chosen between BJP and Congress because Congress has just made a comeback by combining with others and making a collision against Modi. That’s why I said there is a quite a good competition in India nowadays, because all the Rivals want to defeat Modi and to establish their government. So a question comes in all the minds in India that who will win is it the or Congress because of a great comeback by congress.
So here I am back again and in this blog I will be discussing that what Modi has done in India to make it better and what Congress could not do better than Modi.
Talking about Narendra Modi who is he and where had he came from? I know guys most of you know that Modi was just low class worker who used to work at tea stall and used to sell tea on the streets in Gujarat but do you know guys that how Modi came into politics and how had he became the Prime Minister of India? Modi belongs to a very poor family and was born in Mumbai, Vadnagar, which now comes under Gujarat so basically he was born in Gujarat. Talking about his family his father’s name was Damodardas Mulchand Modi and his mother name was Heeraben Modi. He was the third son among his six brothers and sisters. Financially Modi family was very poor that his father has to sell tea on Street. Looking at his family financial status Modi used to help his father in selling tea and he went in trains and buses to sell his father’s tea and to earn some money.
His schooling was done in the same village Vadnagar. On interviewing teachers we came to know that he was just a normal guy in his studies. But he was very active in other curriculars such as Dramas, speeches, rallies etc. His teachers said that he was really good at sports also. Guys do you know that Modi’s engagement was done at the age when he was just 13 years old to Yashoda behan Chaman Lal who was even more younger than him but the marriage was done at the age of 17. But after a few years of marriage he left his home and his married life. He was very socially active and became the RSS member under the Congress government. His aim was to Rebel against the illogical and evil laws passed by the Congress government in those days. But soon the Congress government banned these kinds of groups under them in Gujarat so they have to shutdown. But instead of shutting down. Modi used to encourage and help people secretly under the government without giving them a notice of his doing. Then he join the BJP party and soon after he was declared the chief minister of Gujarat due to his great deeds and achievements.
Although his life was full of struggle but he never stopped anywhere and just kept on moving.

Why should Modi win and what has Modi done in India that Congress never dead and their whole governing period?
One of the great deeds of our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is demonetisation. And for those who don’t know about demonetisation, so the word demonetisation stands for banning the currency in any particular country for some reason. What Modi did was he banned the notes of 1000 and 500 in country India because of racing corruption. Modi secretly announced that he was burning 1000 rupees and 500 rupees note on 8 November 2016. Now the government was tensed and was very disturbed as now they have to change their money into the money there has launch recently. Now people were both happy and angry for this decision made by Mr Narendra Modi. Most of the people that were rich and having the black money were upset and angry about that. And were tensed as now they have to hide their black money or we can say that they have to destroy their black money. As the whole lot of black money cannot be turned into white money through  banks. Now here the twist comes because no people have to give the information about the money that they have to change into white money. And there is only a limit to convert money faster which is of 4000 rupees so almost all the evil Minds that are the real source of Black Money are terribly tensed because now they have to destroy their black money as well as they have to give the taxes that they have not paid for years because for converting money into white they have to give all the information about where the money came from. This was the most Rowdy kind of decision made by Mr Narendra Modi the people who were angry just after the announcement are now happy after the time has passed.
At the end the conclusion is that this decision was the right decision made by our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi Who really is a wise man.

This is one of the major decisions made by Modi government under their rule. Now those who don’t know about three divorce so let me just explain that what that is. Three divorce is given to the wife in Muslim religion by their husband with no reason and the Muslim wives can also not case against them and there are no legal papers signed between them. Show the Muslim boys consider them to be divorced with no legal registration of divorce. So what has Modi done Modi has banned the three divorce in India and now they will be no 3 divorce in Muslim religion now they have to give that I was legally under the court and will have to give some sort of property to their wives before giving divorce.
First of all what is surgical strike so let me explain surgical strikes are the attacks which are made secretly to other countries to stop terrorism by them in your country or another word it is the reply of the terrorism which they are spreading in your country. So our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi secretly decided for a surgical strike against Pakistan which is the most evil country which has been spreading its terrorism in India to tear India apart. So to give reply to Pakistan terrorism Modi decided to made a surgical strike against them and to kill the terrorist that are hiding in Kashmir in Pakistan so our brave soldiers went to Pakistan secretly in the Dark Knight and killed near about 13 to 20 of their terrorist which were hiding in Pakistan Kashmir. This was after which Pakistan got really tensed and became afraid of Mr Narendra Modi. Our government give a good response to the decision of Mr Narendra Modi that he made the right decision and this was what which was to be done with Pakistan.

Not only in attacking or making themes and other creative ideas for our own country our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi was also interested in to help others and was eager to help others. This was what made his place in the hearts of his government. When near about 6710 people stuck in Yemen during political war and when the country was under the conditions of War our Prime Minister decided to rescue those people and that was done soon under has governance. Let me clarify there were not only Indians are Hindus in those people but there were also other castes people that was stuck those are Muslims, Christians and others.
This of helping the people made Narendra Modi the hero in eyes of our government as well as in eyes of the other peoples of other countries also that’s why Modi was a wise and a man of his words.

Not only international relationships are Gross Domestic Product increased in India but also other curriculars that are Sports farming financial helping and many other things. Other than this Modi also promoted yoga and made 21st june as International yoga day in which people from many other countries as well as from India took part who performs yoga with Modi. It was quite a good decision made by Mr Narendra Modi which was appreciated by all the peoples in our country.

There was a huge decision made by Narendra Modi that each and every person living in India has to meet its personal Aadhar Card whether it is children or an old age man or woman they have to make the Aadhar card as fast as possible. After this decision was made by Narendra Modi there was a rush in Indian government to make Aadhar card as fast as possible and to link them with their bank accounts and many other important documents. Now those who don’t know about Aadhar Card and Aadhar card is a personal identification card which has a unique code for each and every situation in India so whenever you want to know anyone’s full information you just need to have his Aadhar card number.
This decision made a quiet change under the Congress government there were only 6.7 crore of the total population account which were linked with their authors while under Modi government there were near about 39 crores accounts that what linked with their Aadhar card which was quite a good number increase.

Now there was another wise decision made by Narendra Modi our Prime Minister that is swachh Bharat Abhiyan which was in appreciation to clean our country and our home which resulted very good as compared to Congress government. Even Modi also stood up and went on roads with public to clean streets roads and many other public areas to make the country clean this also resulted in that most of the rivers are also cleaned and the waste that were dumped in every streets now they were termed particularly in a separate space. Near about 43000 toilets were made in villages and tribal areas those who were not knowing of toilets
Many campaigns related to toilets and cleanliness were made to motivate people to build toilet in the villages as well as in their homes. Narendra Modi was shocked when he saw that there are many peoples that are not knowing of toilet and are going in grounds for toilet and to be fresh..
Now Modi Government and specially more they decided to give the budget what the whole year to the financials before one month of the actual date so that they can start all the schemes that are going to be start in that particular year before the time that was fixed for them which resulted in that there was use progress in India’s economy as well as in India’s Gross Domestic Product. Due to this all the schemes was started before the time that was face for them and they could make more progress than expected. Not only this Modi also decided to delete the Railway budget and to consider the expenditures that format on Railways as the normal budget only.

Not only these changes were held under Modi government but there was another change that held under Modi government that was there was near about 40010 km Road that were built in one year which is equal to 1 30 km Road belt daily. These numbers were under Modi government as 53 km Road made daily and near about 23000 km roads made in an year.
Not only this there was near about 20 thousand villages that were supplied with proper electricity and drainage system and also the water system. The prices of crops were made as per the demands of farmers so that they can earn more than they were earning.

Modi government appealed to the people of India to leave their subsidy as possible and if they are not in need of that subsidy so that they can help people who are in need for gas connection and you will be amazed listening that how much that have increased to near about 12500000 families left their subsidy by which the Modi government help the people living in villages and supplied near about 70000 LPG connections in villages.

Now these were the points that Modi government did after they came into power. Now a question comes that after doing all these things can they lose? Or will they win?
The only answer to this question is that how they can lose is due to the collision made by different parties just two different Modi and they have no other motive to do after the winning they have combined their parties just to to defeat Modi so let me make it clear that there is no possibility that Modi government will lose and other Evil parties will win.

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