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Speaking is a very skill important in everyone’s life. We all are not born with this ability but we learn it with time. It is difficult for a newborn baby but later on he starts speaking. Just speaking is fine for a baby, but not for adults. Adults need to have good speaking skills. There is no alternative for this skill. We need to face a lot of problems if you are bad in this one single skill. And I am saying this from my own experiences. You may be excellent in other things, or you could be having excellent ideas and knowledge but if you can’t present it to others then it is useless. Just try to remember has not it ever happened with you that you faced problems due to to this. Try to remember and you will be remember many instances when it happened.

It is very important from a great leader to a small employee. A leader needs to address his public and get their belief. And a worker needs to get the belief of his owner. If you are an employee then you even need this to crack the interview also. So the result has come that everyone needs it. So if you are good in this skill then read this blog to be better. If you are not good in this skill then read this blog for being good, or at least OK. I will share some of the tips and tricks for becoming a good speaker. They are good and it does not depend where you are going to speak. I will suppose that you are going to speak in front of a large audience. But they are equally beneficial if you need to speak in front of few people.

  • Get proper knowledge of the topic

This is the first part of becoming a good speaker. You need to know what you are going to speak. You can’t just go and speak anything. There are thousands or lakhs of people to point out what is right or not. You need to read books regarding that subject, you need to know the latest news of that topic. You need to know as much regarding that topic as you can. This is a must. Actually, I believe that the way you speak is also very important. Sometimes, people with good knowledge may not be as good as people with good skills. But that can be learned. And if you force the audience to listen and they don’t think that you right, then they will never listen to you again. Do you understand this. They will even start to hate you like the earlier PM.

There are many ways of getting knowledge but there is no better way then reading books. Reading books is even now the best way of knowing about something. They will give you deep knowledge about any topic, unlike the surface level knowledge of YouTube videos. If you completely read a book then you know about every aspect of that topic. Then you can speak very easily. After this you even need to know the latest updates. You can get them on the internet, or now you can watch YouTube videos for this purpose. When you will do these things then your speaking will automatically get improved. The reason is that you will get confidence and this is the key of good speaking. Have you ever seen any leader speaking in front of the public and nervous. This is because they have confidence and they got it by speaking for years.

You can also get the same confidence by speaking for years. But to get it soon you need to have extra knowledge. If you know what others don’t then they will listen to you. This thing increases the confidence in us very much. It motivates us to speak more and more, then surely if you practice something so much, you will become an expert. So I hope that you agree with me. For more tips just keep reading. And if you want books related to this topic then click here.

  • Either don’t cram or cram by heart

Speaking good means that you are confident and you know what to speak. You will stop in between and start thinking, what you should say. This happens many times when you cram and go to speak. The problem is that in front of audience we become so nervous that we forget everything. This is very normal and there are many ways to avoid it. And I will not say that don’t look at the public or fix a few points at the back. It is good but the other audience is also there. You can’t avoid them. This was useful earlier but now everyone tries such things. And even the audience is not convinced in this way. But what you can do is that you can ask someone to sit in the front so that you can look in his eyes and get confidence.

I advice you to either cram by heart. You should cram your topic as many times as you can. Start your preparation of cramming weeks before the final speech. You should not leave any word not spoken by you at least a hundreds of times. This way speaking that particular matter would come to your habit and you could speak it out. But the only disadvantage is that you could not speak when you forget one single word. One word can destroy your whole speech. So you need to cram it so well that you don’t forget anything.

On the other hand, you could do one thing that you never attempt to cram. You can try to make some points and then do good research on it. You need to do as much research as you can. So you need to understand everything. The benefit is that you can speak anything because it is your research. You can speak even if you forget something. Because here you can forget a particular point but you have many points and extreme research. The benefit is that you are ready to answer any question asked to you. For doing research and knowing new things the best place is

  • First speak what the public believes

This is a very important point and especially for leaders. This is good for an employee giving job interview, and for a teacher also. But it is most important for leaders because they need to handle a large audience. They all have different opinions but on some issues everyone is having similar opinions. Like what do you want of world peace, or do you want your country to grow, or other topics. If a speech is started with a topic with similar opinion and the public liked your opinion then they will listen to the whole speech. Then later they will believe what you are saying. The reason is that they have started to believe it is right what you say. They will start to support you. They will even do what you say to them. You would become a good leader.

They can even do what they don’t want to do because they believe that you are right. You are right and it is for their benefit. The best example is PM Modi’s bills. He did demonetization and people felt problem but they said they are with him. He started GST and many people were having problem, but they supported him, only a few revolted. Actually, people have started to believe what he says is correct and good for them and the country. It is even good for the country, I also support him very much. He is a live example of what I am saying.

On the other hand, if you speak what the public does not believe or has many opinions then it will be a problem. Those who don’t like your opinion will not listen to you, they will close television sets or change the channel. Only who liked the starting will keep on listening.

  • Try to make the public a part of your speech

A good speaker always makes the public a part of his speech. It may be looking difficult but it is not that much difficult. Good speakers know it very well, but you are new so you may feel difficulty. What you can do is that be ready to ask different questions to the public. Come with a few questions ready to ask the public. You should make the public excited to answer the questions. This can give you chance to take a little rest. You can give chance to a few people to speak on mic to give proper opinions. Then others would also try to get the mic and speak. The time has changed now and everyone wants lime light. So they will speak. Everyone wants to speak out their pains. They want to share their pain. The one who listens to them is the one they believe.

So give them chance to speak and share their pain with everyone. They would like you as their leader because you understand their problems.

  • Speak easy language and easy words

This is the most important point to be kept in mind. You should use easy words and not very complicated words. If the audience cant understand what you are saying then why will they listen to you? If you are continuously using complicated words and they cant understand it, then they will be bored with you. I can prove it to you. Suppose you are an English speaking person and listening to French speech. Then how long can you listen to them when you don’t understand anything. The same applies here. When the audience understand what you say, they listen. When they don’t understand, they stop listening thinking it is not for them. So if you don’t want this to happen then speak extremely easy language so that everyone can understand.

The best way for this is to ask for help from children. This may seem stupidity but it is not. If a child can understand you then everyone else can also. They can even suggest alternatives of the difficult words. So take their help and they will feel they are important.

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