How To Convince Our Parents To Pursue Our Passion As career !

We all have great dreams in our life. Some of us are extremely passionate for our dreams. We are ready to work for hours every day, because we love our passion. But we feel bad when we tell our parents about our passion and they say something bad to our passion. I don’t mean that they mean it, but this is what they think. they want us to be rich and secure. If you want to be rich then read this but don’t choose profession on this basis.

They don’t know what we want to do and compare it with other jobs. Like, our parent think hair dressing is the same as being barber, it discourages us a lot. Our parents don’t want to hurt us but this what they know about our passion. The don’t have a clear idea about what is our dream. Being frank, they don’t want us to follow that path because they think that it is the work of cheap people. But you should always follow your passion and reasons are here.

They don’t know that there is a hope if a good career in that field. Therefore, they force us not to follow our passion. We may give them certain examples, but even though they think that those people were lucky, and everyone is not lucky. So how can we move towards our aim and do what we want? This question seems of no importance who have never faced a situation like it.

I, very frankly say, this is stupid blog for those who just want to get good grades and then do a job like being an engineer, doctor or manager in a company. But this is the most important question to those who want to pursue a career of their interest and who want to do something different because it can change their whole. It can get them world wide fame and money. We are not scared of intense hard work or competition, but we just want to try.

So, don’t worry here I am going to help you in this matter. If you are a person a like this then I understand your pain and therefore, I want to help you. I am also like you and faced a lot of problem, but I will help you as much as I could. I am giving ways to explain certain jobs here and how to show that there is also a career in these jobs. So, without wasting time let’s move on.

Painter Vs Artist

Really, it is very difficult to tell our parents what does it really mean. Our parents think that this cannot bring us respect and most importantly, money. So before telling them we need to show them what does it mean. Just take them to a museum to show them great do you understand paintings and their prices. Show how much does those people earn and are respected.

Next take to some place where they can buy paintings or take them to a sketch artist. Ask them to buy it. They would surely say it is expensive, but they could see others buying, this expensive thing. It shows them that this profession has a market. Take them to an auction where paintings are being sold. Do you understand that how much expensive a painting could become? For making a good painting you don’t need to buy expensive equipments, you can make it by cheap goods also which are having excellent quality. you can buy good products here.

Being true, our parents may not even understand the meaning of few paintings. Now the most important part, show your skills. Just take a photo of your painting, then say a little lie. Say that this painting has been sold for millions. Then they would surely appreciate the artist. Then tell them that you created it. I can’t take guarantee but there are chances that your parents might give you one chance.

Barber Vs Hair Dresser

These are very close to each other but very different. The first difference is that the barber wants to do everything quickly, but the hairdresser wants quality. So how can we show this to our parents? just try to find out if there is someone in your locality who spends very much money on their hair. Just tell this to your parents. Take them to a hairdresser, they can see many people there and the cost of everything.

Let them see the quality of their work. Then it’s time to show a little arrogance, say to your parents that even you can do like this or even better than this. Then just do as said. You may not be able to do like them, but you can show your skills. Maybe it is enough, for them to allow. Or just try again until happy with your work. If you could make them happy you could make all your customers happy. It is like your training. For good but cheap products click here

So think of them as your first customer and give them the best thing. If you could not do this then you would come to know that whether you are capable of doing it or not. You can distinguish here between your wish and passion. So this is very important for you.

Tailor Vs Fashion Designer

It is very true. Our tailors make clothes, but what does the designer do? The designer creates a design in which clothes should be made. Designer does not make clothes. They take help from tailors to make clothes., but they are paid for their creativity. Again, the same steps, you need to show the actual work of the professionals, by taking them there. Show the prices, how many people buy it.

How much doe the designers to work in big fashion industries get paid. How much does the designers for the fashion shows get paid? Show them your own designs without telling it to be your own, ask them to expect the price. But remember show them some expensive designs before and tell the price. They would surely say some big amount then reveal truth. Just make a cloth of your design by your savings for them.

It would give them a reason to believe on you. Believe is a very big thing and it is very difficult to gain. So you need to really work hard to achieve this. But I believe that you can definitely gain this by really working hard, and upto the expects.

Tent Business Vs Event Organisor

For this thing just check if any marriage or some big function is going to take place in your family soon. Just check thoroughly, otherwise in your relations or in the neighborhood is also fine. Tell your parents how much are they paying and how it could have been done at lower amount and better quality. Since, you want to do it, you should have such skills, otherwise leave this idea.

In small functions of your own family, take all the responsibilities. This is training, it will also show your parents the that you are matured, the respect for you in your parents would increase and finally, they can see your skills. These points are enough for your parents to allow you to go to this field. I hope that you are fine with this but if you could not do this because of any problem then tell in the comment box so that I can help you. I really want to help but for that you need to support me in understanding your problems.

What Is This Vs Entrepreneur

This is the most difficult thing because many people don’t even know what does it mean. Being true, there is no exact definition of entrepreneur. It means different to all. For me it is like, doing great things with whatever. Using small things in a great way, increasing the value of mind to another level. Using little knowledge in the best way possible.

It is inside a person so I think that even without training we can do good things. Just use the useless things in your house to make money. It could be that your family does not need. Surely, then they can allow you because they can see that you can make money out of nothing, so you can easily live your life in a good way. 

Being true, I also wanted to be an entrepreneur so I have myself faced this problem. They wanted to make me an engineer,so we had a huge argument. I didn’t get any guidance from anyone that was good enough to be followed. So I just told them and when they denied I started argument, but today I think that was wrong.

So I am giving you suggestions so that you can easily follow your passion, and make it your full time profession. This in itself is a huge victory because you don’t need to work, you just need to enjoy what you love.

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