How To Get Expensive laptops, Phones For Free !

We all wish to have expensive and advanced smartphones, tablets and laptops. We want them because others are also having. So We want to have one which is even more expensive than anyone else. But at the same time, we have a big problem called money. We don’t have that much money to buy such expensive phones, tablets and laptops. So what can we do? Should we leave this desire of getting such equipment or we do something to get it? Where there is a will, there is a way. So if your will has not died then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to give you a few tips by which you could get an expensive smartphone for free. You could even get tablets, laptops, with these ways. So if you think that this is not possible then you are very wrong here.

Most of these tips have a factor of luck and chance. I mean that you would even need to depend on your luck to get these equipment. So try these tips, because it is better to lose else then not trying. May be you are among some of the few people who will get the these expensive gadgets for free. But for some tips you would have to work a little. You would need to do some research then try to complete the task. But I hope that you could do it and you would be able to complete these tasks.

But I want to do a request, if you get any gadget with these tips then please tell me in the comment box. If you think that these tips could get you one of these gadgets then please share this blog with others also, and please subscribe for more.

  • Take part in give aways at various platforms

I want to do a give away and it’s information is at the end of the blog. Nowadays, this is a very common term and I don’t need to explain what I want to say. It is done by some of the very popular people who want to increase their popularity and for that they can give expensive gadgets to some of their followers to attract more followers in the desire of getting those gifts. But everyone does so because anyone could be lucky any day. And it is totally free so there is no problem in trying this. If you are lucky then you get it and if you are not lucky then you will not get it. It only increases the probability of getting an expensive gadget. So there is no problem in trying. So please see at the end about my give away.

It is very common on the social media app, YouTube. YouTubers have become extremely wealthy so they do a lot of give aways. They are also sponsored by many organizations. I mean, companies send their products to them for marketing and then they do give away. One of the most popular Indian Youtubers, Technical Guruji is very famous for this. He does many give aways and therefore, he has got so many subscribers. Many people have got many gadgets from him. And taking part in a give away is also very easy. You just need to subscribe, comment or share the article. So do the same with my blog also. And please read the instructions of the give away I am doing. The give away is of a very expensive smart phone. But I will not reveal the name of the smart phone. It is totally free even here also.

  • Influence your family members, neighbour , relatives to buy for them

This point requires work to be done. You need to influence your family, relatives and neighbours to buy the same gadget which you want to use. Just tell all the benefits of the product to them. Request them to buy the gadget. But remember everyone is not going to buy it. If some one would be thinking to buy a related product then he will buy what you are saying. So be humble, and don’t over force them. When they are ready to buy it then tell them that you want to buy it for them. I will not say to steal the money, or the gadget, so keep reading. Then gather money from everyone who want to buy it. Then take the money and check is there any offer online available. If the offer is buy this much and get this much discount, or get one free.

If the offer is for free gadget then wow, but if it is for discount even then you could get it. First, check how much is the discount, then calculate how much more money do you need. Put that money by yourself, or try get more orders. If possible buy from the wholesaler, you may get it for a cheap price there. This would be good for you and also for your family, because they will get the best model. In this attempt, you could save more money and give it back to your family, relatives, or neighbour. They will also be happy in that way. But this thing requires work to be done. So if you are ready then only try this. Otherwise your small work will go vain if you will not work more. This is not cheating with family, you are getting reward for helping your family.

And even if you are not getting any profit in it then there is no problem. You could use the gadgets which you have bought for others. I don’t mean before giving to them. But after giving them and with their permission. Chances are that they may give it to you for use it you want it because they know that you love the gadget. When they would need any help then they need to come to you so they will allow you to use it. I hope that this will work for you but if this does not work for you then don’t worry there are many more ways which can help you to get a new gadget for yourself. They are even more amazing then this. So keep reading this amazing article and you could get any tip which can help you anytime here.

You can get a gadget here only, just search your favourite gadget in the search bar and buy 25 to 30 pieces. Then I will give you a model of the exact same gadget for free. It is not illegal, you may be knowing of affiliate marketing. So just do it and tell me in the comment box. When I will receive the payment from Amazon I will give your free gadget very soon. Just later on tell me about your residence so that it could be delivered to you by Amazon. If you want to go to then click here and then search whatever you want and buy.

  • Are you ready for second hand?

If you are ready for a second hand then you might get it easily for free or for less price. Everywhere there is one tech lover who keeps on buying new gadgets. New does not always mean the latest. He only wants to use everything so he sometimes, buy the older version gadgets also. If you could become his friend, and if he is your relative then fantastic. When he is buying something new for him, then ask him if he wants the older product also. If he would want that he will say yes, otherwise no. But I know that he could say yes, if he does not want to give it to you. Then ask him that you can pay for the product. He may agree then try to negotiate. But remember do not over negotiate, he is your relative. So your relations may even weak in this.

So try to get it at a cheap price if he is ready to sell it to you. But if he is not ready even in this situation then don’t try to buy it. Just ask for a favour to borrow it for sometime. And say whenever he would need it you could return it to him. Then take it. Being a friend or relative this can be done. But he is using a new gadget, then he will use that for sometime so you could use it. And now if he asks for the gadget so give him back. But chances are that he would buy other gadget for him and therefore, he would not take it back very soon. I believe that after sometime we ourselves become fed up of the same gadgets. So now you could another gadget from some one else if you want.

  • Go to various tech events

When you go to a tech event, then I would suggest you to borrow gadgets from people and the never give them back, if you think this then you are wrong. I mean, when you go to the launch of a new product then sometimes the companies offer earlier models of their products to the audience, or some people among the audience. It is not very uncommon in today’s world when competition is increasing very rapidly. But I say don’t too sure of getting it. This is not necessary. But this happens sometimes. After all what is the problem in going to such events, you may be witnessing the future of the world. There were many people at the premier of iPhone but how many knew that this is going to change the whole world. It is going to change the way we interact with technology.

Today, if you could get the chance to be there again for thousands of dollars, can you deny? Being true, I can’t. Even if I needed to take a loan from bank, I would definitely go there. The partial reason is that I am a big fan of Steve Jobs, but those moments were fabulous. So may be you don’t get new gadget but you may see the future. I hope that you understand and may be in this attempt someday you get what you want. This is going to be only profit for you because you will surely get benefit of knowledge for sure. I hope that you will go there for at least knowledge and all other things are supplement.

  • Work in the tech industry

It often happens that companies give their products for free or at lower costs to their employees, especially who work in that project. When a new smart phone or laptop is created it requires very much efforts. So they need man power and skill so if you are a part of that skill then most probably you will get that product when it will be launched or before it is launched. There are many reasons for which companies do this. They do this as a thank you to their employees to work in that project and it is like a symbol of their victory in creating that device. They are encouraged by such things to work harder. Also companies strengthen their bond with their employees by giving them such gifts. It gives happiness to the employees also. Suppose you have iPhone model that is not launched, then measure your happiness.

All the points listed above are from the point of view of benefit of employees, but the real reason and from the point of view of benefit of company is this. They do it so that the companies could come to know what is wrong in the system and what needs development. Then they are done. I know that are pretested but even though everything has some limitations. So to know those limitations it is done. They make their employees testers for free.

They just give that device then they use it. When they find any problem then obviously they will report then definitely it will be corrected in the next model. So don’t you think that this is beneficial to the company also. And if you are working in the tech industry then regularly you will get such gifts, and offers will be given to buy it at lower prices.

  • Be friend with people in the tech industry

Well, it may be difficult for you to get a job in the tech industry if you are an adult who is doing a job and you don’t have any experience in this field. You may not having such qualifications and knowledge to get a job in this sector. Then be friend with people working in the tech industry. They will get gifts from the industry, so you can also buy them. You can get it at a lower price with their help. So if you can afford to buy it then you can buy it otherwise you can get it from them. If their company gives them such devices regularly, then may be they are fed up with such things then if you ask them for it for sometime then they may give it to you. And when it comes to return they will get it again.

When an advanced version is developed so before launching it in the market it needs to be checked. So how it will be checked, you would have come to know this. So if he would be having an advanced version then why to take an older version. Just say that you need it then he may allow you to keep it. He gets no loss and you get what you want, so what’s the problem. You are looting him, or doing him any harm. So don’t feel it is wrong.

But if you feel this then you should pay him for the device. Yes, this is the best solution. This cost is less than the market price, and it is respectful. Actually, I use this method only, but I gave that advice because the title was to get it for free. So I hope you liked it.

  • Buy lottery ticket

Obviously it is one of the ways to get expensive gadgets for free. You may be lucky enough to get it for free. The probability of getting an expensive gadget in lottery is negligible, but if you just keep on doing wishes and take no step then the probability is zero. So try this or just keep your wishes to yourself only. This may be stupid but at least one person will win it, then why not you? Can you give me any valid reason that why you will not win it? If your answer is that there are so many other people buying the lottery then what if they think the same?

I don’t really support buying lottery or gambling but a lottery could at least give you a chance and hope to get it. But just wishing and not doing anything may harm your health. If you lose you could say it to yourself that you at least tried. But if you didn’t try then later on you would be ashamed of yourself. If you keep on killing your wishes then you will kill the wishes of your and then they will do the same. Then no one will ever try to do something big. So don’t be the reason of that and start taking steps for big things.

This small step of buying lottery will soon turn into effort of working hard in the office, finding ways to become big and many more. So don’t kill wishes. This is one of the most important differences between humans and robots. You could at least say to your children that you tried to be big, otherwise how can you say to your children that try to be big, do something great if you never tried. What will be your answer if they asked you about your own efforts. So try by buying a lottery. If you are really passionate to do something big then please read this article.

Well I hope that this is enough for today and now it is time for the give away contest I am doing. Well, the person who will win my contest will get an iPhone Xs. This will be given to the winner. The contest is you need to subscribe my blog, then you need to share this blog to everyone. Then you need to do a comment in the blog. The comment which will be the best will get the prize of iPhone Xs. The result will be announced after two weeks of its publish date in any of my blogs at the end. So best of luck.

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