How To Ignore People To Get Success !

Well, we all want to be successful and definitely in that path the problem occurs when others come to us and say that it can’t be done. It does not matter what is our aim, but if dream big then incapable fellows come and give their opinion without being asked. They show their capabilities in this way. But sometimes, they are able to discourage us. We don’t want to be discouraged but they could. Sometimes, these people are our family members also. There is no problem is accepting the truth. This is true and we need to accept it. A problem can be solved only if we accept the problem .

So in this article you will come to know this also. So this will be very exciting article for you if you want to be successful. If you are facing any problem and if you tell me then definitely I can connect. You may not be able to expect with how many problems I was surrounded. And as I grew the number of problems has always been increasing. There will be no time when you would be free of problems.

So never expect of such a life because then your expectations would be shattered. But this time lets talk of ignoring people only. Sometimes they come in path of success and sometimes we just want to ignore wrong people. So this article would be good in all the conditions. I hope it would help you a lot. Ignoring people may seem easy but when you face such situation then its difficult. But these tips would make it a little easier.

To be successful we need to be focused on our goal and should not be distracted but these people distract us. So we need to ignore them to be focused on our goal.

Definitely, it cant be very easy because you need to leave some people sometimes even of your family. So this is not going to be easy but it is going to be possible. So without wasting time lets start.

  1. Try to avoid them

This is definitely very important. Because if you see someone discouraging you remember their words and confidence goes down. They symbolize negativity in their face. Yes, they can be family members also, even parents. I accept that parents decision can be wrong but intention is always right. But the right intention is your security. Yes, they want your security, and it’s their right. But if you want security for yourself then leave path of success.

In the path to success you need to take risks. Mark Zuckerburg also said that the biggest risk is in taking no risk. But let’s leave such quotes and theoretical things, I’ll tell you my own life story. Once in childhood I went to a quiz competition. I gave the pen paper test first which was help all over the district. Then 40+ students were selected and I was in.

Then came the quiz time, it was being broadcast in the local TV channel. In the first round, we went and it was buzzer round. We got 10 points for correct answer and -5 for wrong answer. So the first one got the chance to answer but if no one answered then the next was a fluke chance. We could push the buzzer and no point would be deducted. I gave the first answer and got 10 points. Then gave a wrong answer. Then got many chances of the fluke and answered wrong and right. I took risk and entered and the second round.

This time there was no fluke chance. But this time when first person pushed the buzzer and gave the first answer then one more chance was given to others to answer. I gave one correct and then continuously two wrong answers. Then some correct answers and some wrong answers but managed to enter the next round and it was the Semi final.

I went there my family had seen the previous and told me a lot not to take risk. Then asked me not to answer even if I have a 10% doubt. So in the next round, everyone was given the chance one by one. So you were given a question and if you can’t answer it would be passed to others.

I didn’t know anything of the first question so I passed it with no problem. Then after that I got a passed question and answered it correctly. Then the next came to me and I knew the answer but was not sure. I had a little and I saw my family sitting there. I remembered their advice. So I passed the question. The other participant gave the correct answer and it was the same. Then another question and again I passed because I had doubt and the answer I thought was correct.

Then at last I was not at top but I had a chance to enter the finale. I was at tie with for the second position with another participant. So then again came the buzzer round. But this time we buzzered before me. So what could I do. I lost. Why? Because I was playing safe. But was my family wrong? I don’t know but the result was bad.

So you need to avoid family also sometimes to be successful. The best part is to keep a little distance with them. Definitely you need to do work to be successful. So find a place where they come the least. And if you go out of home then it’s awesome. But if someone else is the one you want to ignore then its easy, just maintain distance.

But if they keep on coming to you then speak rudely to them. No one likes to be with someone rude. I think you understand.

  • Think of something else when they disturb

Well, as you want to be successful then definitely you have a lot of work to do. So if they disturb you even after trying to avoid them then think of your work. You could think of anything. Then beleive me that their noise could not affect you.

This is the difference between listening and hearing. When you concentrate on a sound then it’s listening. But if you don’t concentrate then it’s hearing. Hearing never affect us but when we think on it, it affects us. I think you understand.

It is the same as a teacher is teaching in class. Some are listening, and others hearing, and some are even not hearing( they are sleeping). so when teacher asks a question why the hearers can’t answer? Because they don’t think. Teacher’s lecture is just like a noise, as of chalk, drums or anything else.

So use this strategy here.

Every time you don’t need to think of work only. You can think of anything. If recently you have heard a good joke then remember that. It would make you laugh and you can’t listen to the distractor. Remember any funny video and when its over then think of your problems in life. You will feel very sad.

But don’t use this too often because thinking of problems could demotivate you. So do it with safety.

  • They are stupid

Well, if I say that a Nursery kid told me that a meteor shower is soon going to take place. Then you would not care what I said. But if I said that a report from NASA came then you may think. Do you know why? Because NASA is smart but a child is innocent. Child does not know about space much but NASA does.

So we take the things of smart people seriously but not stupid people. So when they come in front of you and say something then they say they are stupid. Even some very smart organizations and people in the past when done stupidities.

Havard Business School had rejected Warren Buffet. Can you understand what a mistake was it? Microsoft took the iPhone as a joke because it was very expensive. So see the position now. Facebook rejected Whatsapp cofounfers Brian Acton and James Koun for job.

So even smart people can do mistakes some times then why do you listen to stupid people. They are stupid and they don’t know what they are saying. You don’t need to prove yourself. Just say yes to them and then ignore them. They don’t know anything.

Sometimes they may be correct but definitely from your experience you will learn something. But if you don’t want to let anything wrong happen then listen to ones who don’t predict future but recommendations.

Some people only say anything. They declare that this idea is stupid or this is good. They even don’t think about it. While others recommend few things. Then definitely you should listen to them. But I expect that they would not be in the list of people you want to ignore.

  • You are the chosen one

God has selected someone for every task and you have been the chosen one. You are selected for what you do. This is not your wish but your responsibility. You can leave your wishes but you need to fulfil your responsibilities. You can’t escape from them.

Completing responsibilities is very important. What would have happened if your parents escaped from the responsibility of taking your care? Welll, What would have happened if Sun has escaped from its responsibility of rising everyday? What would have happened if Bill Gates didn’t bring Windows? Well,What would have happened if Mark Zuckerburg didn’t create Facebook? What would have happened if Larry Page didn’t create Google?

So could you now feel responsibility on your shoulders? I hope you could and you should.

  • Try to change your place

Well, it simply means to go to a new place without your family. If they are opposing you. A very good reason is your education. Or you could find another one. But you need to go to a new place. Then the number of your criticizers would decrease significantly.

The reason is simple that you would be new to that place. No one knows you then criticizing is not possible. And even if they know you a little they would let you do what you want. It is because they don’t care what you do. Being true, whoever criticizes you care for you. They don’t want you to fail.

i know that some people distract us who don’t care for us but want to harm us. But I am saying most of the people, especially of family.

  • Be around people like you

Well, while deciding your place keep this thing in mind. Well, if you want to develop a start up on technology then what could be better then Silicon Valley. If you want to grow a business of farming then what could be better then Punjab or Haryana in India.

Many people of that area are doing things like you. So you are like them. So no one will point you out and disturb you. But you willl get important contacts there which would help you later. So going to such a place is great idea.

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