How To Impress Girls By Doing Football Juggling !

 So guys today I will be discussing one of the most important topic that how to impress girls? I know that most of you are committed but some of you , actually a lot of you are still single just like me and if you are of 16-18 years and desperately want to attract the attention of your crush towards you by something like juggling, read this article till the end.

There is a great craze of sports in today’s generation and talking of sports, football is the coolest sport to attract people and yes girls also. I am serious guys if you have quite a good football skills then there is a 90% chance that you will attract your girl. So here I am with some cool football tricks and easiest ways to perform them.


Firstly I would like to throw some light on the origin of the game football just for some knowledge.

Football first arose in England in the middle of 19th century though the name was not the same and guys you know that the first ball used to play football was made of rock and when I said rock yeah, the players were really tough and got a lots of guts to hit it. In China the game was known as ‘Cuju’ in 2nd and 3rd century this made it clear that football is being played from quite a long time, but what about rules were the rules same as they are now? No guys only some of the rules were same and were firstly made in 1848. Talking about football but who was the first master footballer? Was it Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? No  guys the first master footballer was Clarke Carlise who played for BURNLEY and was a master defender and also played as striker.


Guys who don’t know about juggling, let me first made it clear that juggling is a trick in which a person tries to kick and maintain the ball on his / her feet and try to keep it in air by using different body parts, especially, feet, head. But as many parts you use the more impressive you will look. So mind it.

  1. My first tip for you is to get prepared, so get physically fit now, for that you will have to do some warm up which means exercise and running. You first have to be mentally prepared for physical work out. Some warm up exercises that I would advice are:-
  2. 10 minutes walk
  3. 1minute sprint
  4. 1 minute spot jog
  5. Stretching your legs a little bit

After this exercise you will be absolutely prepared to get started with your juggling stuff. I would recommend you to wear shoes while practicing as it helps in increasing your strength and also your grip over your ball which is very important to have.

2) Now second tip would be to find a peaceful place for practicing, although its not mandatory to have a separate place just for practicing football. The second thing you will have to do is that you have to start hitting and balancing the ball on your thighs which will increase your confidence over controlling the ball. Just take a ball and practice hitting it just by thighs and try getting as many touches as you can. This is very necessary because it will also increase the power of your legs. I have played this game myself so I know that after playing it for sometime or after juggling for almost 10 minutes, your legs will start paining if you are starting the game. So first of all, try to strengthen your legs, especially thighs. It is because they are very important for a footballer because they are the power source of legs which are very important for Football.


As you are not master at juggling so you have to start balancing the ball on your feet with the help of your hands. Don’t worry if you are not perfect in it from the beginning as you are practicing to be perfect at that. Keep in mind to just practice it to be perfect and practice a lot to be better from the past you.

Using hands does not mean that you are not good but it just shows that you are not perfect. Being true, no one is perfect. So there is no shame in showing it. And if you leave this step, then you will take very long time to learn this skill of juggling. Don’t try to just hit the ball and keep in the air. Try to balance. You need to keep it in control, else than in air. Keeping in air is less important then keeping in control. So this will help you to keep the ball in your control, and your control on the ball will increase with time. So the more you have control on the football, the better you will become at juggling.

This tip is highly recommended by great footballers like Lionel Messi and Ronaldhino also and all the great footballers are masters of juggling. But being true, juggling is different from playing Football or I should say scoring a goal. So juggling is different from Football. Remember you will never fail until you have never started so I advice you to fail once.


Though you all are new at this, but you can master it soon. Just have control over your legs and have a continuous link between your legs and your brain and think first what you have to do next and what action to take next. This means that you have to do proper planning of what you will do. You need to decide what will be your next move. Actually, this is only while starting, but later on, you should not try to do this. When you have the skills, you need to take moves according to the position of the ball. But this time, it is very much necessary. So I hope that you will follow this step.

Take out all the possible reactions of your actions before performing it and if you are right it will increase you confidence level in the field and if you are wrong so what, as I said failure is the first step of success if you have never failed that means you never tried. Now , Place your foot on top of the ball then quickly pull it back towards you sticking your toe underneath the ball to lift it in the air and practice it again and again. This may seem easy if you have not played Football but actually this is not that much easy. You need to learn this skill also. If you have played for a little time then definitely, you can do it. But doing it with perfection is very difficult. So do practice of this thing also.


Now after mastering the last tip, focus on switching the ball between your feet. Remember to keep it as low as possible at the start. But don’t worry you can try it at higher levels also. I know that this is very difficult to be done at lower height, because then you need to take quick actions. But at height, this is a bit easier. So there is no restriction is using height in the starting but try to keep it as low as possible.

You need to know this skill of switching between legs because it helps in using both the legs and a good footballer uses both the legs perfectly. So this is very important. This is is also like the first step which will help you to use all your body parts while juggling. Using many parts is important because it will make your juggling impressive and your game will also become better.


This is the second step after juggling which is usually practiced by professionals before matches. Now in this step you will have to pull the ball over your feet by using your legs only and no hands and start tapping the ball with your toe. Remember not to increase the height while tapping the ball instead keep it as low as you can. And also practice balancing the ball over your toe only not hitting it again and again , this also helps to receive the ball passed from a longer distance over from quite a large height.

Just imagine if some one is in front of you whom you want to impress. Then what you did is that you kicked it so high in the air, then very easily balanced it in your foot. How amazing this will look. Or the ball was going to strike that one, and you saved her so easily. She may be angry at first, but she will keep remembering you all the time because you did something which is not very normal. So try this and take a little risk.


Now what you have to do after the last tip over, you have to control the ball by your upper body, not by hands because it is considered as a foul in the game, but by your shoulders, head, chest. Now this helps a lot in receiving the ball from your teammate and quickly achieve control over the ball.

This is amazing because then you can try to show different tricks in front of people. You can even show that you can juggle it without legs. Just imagine you are walking on the road with her and juggling on your upper body, while talking with her. How amazing this will look. This is just amazing. But to fulfill this dream you have to work hard a lot, and use all these tips. So start reading this blog for more.


This challenge is the perfect thing made to practice juggling. As the name suggests it is challenging, now what you have to do in this challenge is that you have to juggle the ball over seven points in your body without letting it fall on the ground. Now what are those seven points ? those points are your head, both of your thighs, both of your shoulders and of course both of your feet.

Try to do transitions exactly within two points. I mean to say, you need to hit the ball consecutively by different points. After foot you need to hit by head, then by thigh, then by shoulder, then by other parts. You need to do it with all the parts. Once you have mastered this you will feel accomplished within yourself.


Now after the feet juggling try to balance and juggle the ball with your height and you can use your hands at first. Keep the ball to a certain height and when you feel the ball is totally under your control the start to increase the height of your juggling. Try to keep it in the air by using your head only. You should not try to use any other part. You cant even use body parts of your upper body. So you need to focus a lot.

But remember that you need to try to keep as low as you can. Yes, in the starting using height is not bad but continuously try to decrease the height. This is extremely necessary because then you can do juggling even while sitting in your home, or in classroom when teacher is not in the classroom. It will be impressive, but it is something like indiscipline. So decide yourself.


While you are juggling try to spin the ball towards you that will not let the ball go away from you and you can easily take the next shot. In this way, the ball will not go away so you only to start to get more control on the ball. This will help to increase the time of ball in the air so you can keep on doing it continuously. This will increase your skills and also confidence. I believe that without confidence all your skills will go vain and you can not do it. It because if you don’t have the confidence to show your skills then they are almost useless.

You can also try some freestyle tricks which you can probably find on internet only if you wish to learn more of it. But later on, you need not to do it. You can do juggling without spinning it towards you. You can just hit in air and control it. You don’t need to spin it because you can easily balance it and place it in air where you want. But earlier, you just needed to keep it to close to you.


Now next step is to practice juggling against a wall and try not to let the ball fell down try to use all those seven points mentioned above to increase your efficiency and once you have mastered this then juggling ball by passing your friend again and again. This helps in increasing your efficiency to receive the ball while the live game. If you try this and you become an expert, then you can even use poles in the streets, or you can play with her easily. And if she will happy while playing she will come to you again to play with you. But for that you need to be extremely perfect in your game. This may require a little but definitely, you can do it of you follow all the tips correctly.

Now you have mastered juggling and are ready to show off and impress everyone. So I hope that you will be able to impress your special one. So best of luck to you and please subscribe to my blog for more such articles. I hope that you liked this article so please share this article with your friends also so that they can also utilize these tips. I hope that you will help your friends also to impress your special one. So please tell me later on, that could you impress her.

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