How to Make True Friends !

All of us need someone to whom we can share our happiness, sorrow, views, thoughts, secrets and many more things. We call this person a ‘friend’. All of us have friends and we all need friends. We generally say that a person who is alone, don’t talk to anyone or not any other person speak to him, that person goes mad. To take away our loneliness, we need friends with whom we can enjoy ourselves.

Some friends who are very close to us and understand us, we give them the titles of BFFs. We say she/he is my BFF. Friends or BFFs are those on whom we trust and whom trust on us. The people on whom we don’t trust, we won’t consider them as our friends. It means, trust is the most important thing needed in between two or more people if they want to be friends. I believe that friendship is a ship that never sinks. It goes forever. The people sitting in this ship do not see their profit.

What they see is the simplicity of the person’s heart. They don’t have any blood relation so we can’t say that what the person is doing is all for his relative. This is not the case, they don’t have any blood relation but they always try to do more than they do for their blood relation. My best friend circle is very strong. We fight with each other and love each other. Together, we do everything for each other if its correct. We don’t support each other in any bad sense or which can give harm to our friend or any other person.

Normally in school days, friends use to do cheating but this is wrong. By telling the answer to your friend which he/she is not knowing, we are not helping them, we are just making their habit of doing cheating. You are not the real and true friend of that person if you are telling him the answer. Here are some ways by which you can make true and real friends. So let’s start.


To be friendly simply means that we don’t need to be rude with our friends. Always being smiling is a good way in which you can increase you number of friends. We should not avoid our  friends. Avoiding them is always a bad idea. We should always  listen to our friends that what they are saying. If they are telling us a joke, that is for our entertainment.

If they are asking something to us, that is for our benefit like if we know the answer that is good for our friend and we are happy because we are able to help our friend and if we are not knowing the answer, we’ll try to find the answer and that is going to increase our knowledge so it is beneficial for us so we should always listen to our friends and never avoid them.

We should not be egoistic specially in front of our friends. Because of ego friends use to have serious fighting which easily doesn’t sort out. And if they got sort out, still friends use to fights on small and illogical topics. All this is because of ego. If our ego comes in between of friendship, this ship can sink any time.

We should always be supporting towards our friends. If they are correct, we should always be on their side. When they do small mistakes in front of you or at any public place, hide their small mistakes and correct them. If you do this, your bonding with your friends will become more strong.

But while correcting them, you should be polite. If you’ll correct them by speaking to them in a angry voice or rudely, this will make your friend feel bad or hurt him. If you feel that that person is your best friend, so you’ll always remember his/her birthday. Giving cards to them on their birthday is also a good way to show that you love him or her. Not only on birthdays but also on other occasions we should wish our friends like Diwali, new year, Christmas and many more.

Sharing sweets on Diwali, giving cards on new year and wishing on Christmas is what we all want from our friends. We should always do all these things for our friends. By doing all these things we feel happy and our friends also get happiness. This means if we’ll give happiness to our friends, we’ll also receive the same from them.


Sharing takes place mostly in school. Like if we are not having pen, pencil, eraser, geometry box etc. We all do share are things with our friends. If we are not having book of any subject, we all do share our things with our friends and classmates. When we are absent, our friends provide us with the work that is done in the school. If they are having our any book or notebook and we are not in the class, sometimes they even do our work. This is also a kind of sharing. Sharing of lunch also takes place.

We ask each other to bring this thing for lunch because we like that thing that she use to brought. We come to know about new dishes because of sharing. Sometimes our friends use to live near our house so if we try to make any eatable ourselves so we should give it to our friends or neighbour to know their opinion as well, that it was OK or not.

Sometimes, if we are going somewhere by our own vehicle and we come to know that our friend also have to go the same way so we should always be ready to give your friend lift. By doing this your friend will start believing you more than earlier because he will start feeling that you are there to help him every time.

This will make your friendship stronger. Sometimes it also happens that your friend has to go somewhere in an emergency and he is not having his own vehicle and if he’ll ask to you to give him your vehicle, you should give to him because he believe that you will definitely help him that’s why he asked to you. You should give your bike or car to your friend. This is because a friend in need is a friend in deed.


We use to do parties to fresh our mind. To increase your bonding, invite your friends and classmates to the parties to increase your number of friends. Friends we all have but to keep them with us forever is in our hands. Inviting your friends to the parties that are organized by you. They will spent time with you and will be able to understand your friends more. Exchange gifts and sweets on Diwali, invite them to the new year and Christmas parties. Sometimes, you can even give a little expensive gifts like smartphones, but if you can’t afford them then click here. Try to spent more and more time with each other. This will definitely increase your number of friends and bonding with your friends. Invite them to your birthday parties and invite them to your family functions. Make them feel that your family is their family also.


In school time, if we know the answer or how to solve any maths problem and our friend don’t know how to do that so we help our friends in studies and we should do this. If your friend’s work is not complete, give your notebook to him/her to do the work. Helping them to learn something is also very good. If they are not able to understand any science topics and you have understood it clearly, so you should help your friends to get their topic cleared. If you help your friend in every step of life where he or she need it, you are going to be his/her BFF surely and even more then that. Sometimes we treat are some of the friends like they are our brother or sister.

This is because we feel that they help us whenever we need and have asked to them and sometimes when we haven’t tell them and they helped us. And same we want from our friends. We want them to treat us like we are there brother or sister. For this we should always be ready to help them anytime they need it. One other way is to give lift to your friends if needed.

Imagine you are getting ready to go some where and suddenly you come to know that your friend is also going there only. You are going there by your private vehicle and your friend is going there by a bus or train. In this case you should offer your friend to come with you only and by your vehicle. It means you should do carpool or give lift to them. Second condition, you are coming back from somewhere and you find your friend who is also your neighbour standing at the side of road waiting for a bus so you should offer him/her lift. By helping your friend you always come nearer to your friends.


You should always trust your friends. Trust on them that they are there to help you. Trust on the that they can help you in your projects. Believe on their words that is they mean what they say. Trust on their skills.

You should trust on your friends that if you are in any problem they are going to help you. If you are innocent and someone is blaming you for something that you haven’t done, trust on them that they are in your favour and will speak in front of your teacher or your head that you haven’t done anything.

Trust on their words that what are they speaking, they are going to do that for you. Let’s take the  previous example that if they are saying that they will speak in your favour in front of your head, trust on their words that they are going to speak in your favour only. Don’t doubt on them that they are going to cheat you. Trust on their skills means that you should trust on them that they can do this work. If their is distribution of work going on, trust and suggest their name that they can do this. Make them the part of any of the project in which you are already there. As I said, trust is the most important thing in between two or more friends.


Social media is a good way of making friends. Nowadays, we all use Facebook, Whats app, Instagram and many more apps in which we have our fan following. Here are some ways in which you can increase your fan following or number of friends. Doing good comments on photos is a good way.

By doing this you get the attention of people and they want to be your friends. Giving greetings, wishing good morning and good night is a good way for making friends.

By doing this your friends feel good and the person to whom you are wishing. We should wish our friends on their birthdays or on any other occasions. This leaves your good impact on them and more and more people want to be your friend. We should share our experiences with our friends that what happened to you or share jokes with them.

This is a reason for them to smile. And when you be a reason for someone to smile is good. Send your photos to them. With they’ll also be having an opinion that we should go there; that is a good place to enjoy their holidays.

With the help of social media, you should give important information to them like any new law is passed recently or any new thing is done in our country and many more. You should share interesting facts with your friends. This will increase there knowledge. These are some ways in which you can make true friends.

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