How to quit social media

Is social media more important than your studies? Is it really important? Does it really mean you something? And you can easily get away with your studies and choose to relax by this thing? So here I am again guys with some awesome tips and tricks by which you can easily quit social media and can focus more on your studies and can give more time to your studies.
I know guys that there is no point in discussing about what is social media actually or how it affect you badly. Guys not only talking about bad effect but social media also has many demerits if used incorrectly for no purpose. Talking about some of the demerits of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Orkut etc, we should discuss about that how it waste our time and most probably our money.
Now talking of a student who is socially active most of the time of his day and forgot to study is the most basic case or mostly one of the major demerits of social media. Social media can also be beneficial if we would use to share information between our friends and motivate them towards studies, because this present time is, my friend and it is one of the most competitive time periods in your journey to be successful or to become what you want .
Today this blog is about how you can quit social media and motivate yourself towards studies as your exams are ahead. So I will be discussing about some of the most effective tips to quit social media easily which will not affect your life longer. So let’s start with some of the steps that are recommended by successful people and also some of the Great achievers of psychology.
1. Be strong
Now, being strong doesn’t mean that you have to be strong physically and do quite a few exercises to make yourself stronger but it means you have to be strong mentally and you have to prepare your mind by all yourself as you are the one who are going to quit social media or any other distraction you want, to focus on your studies. Guys preparing mind is a serious topic to discuss as before your body, your mind should be prepared. Well so that it can handle all kind of changes which are going to happen in in your life in the future. Now for preparing a mind and be stronger you have to first keep in mind that social media is nothing for you. Social media is not the one who cares for you, who will earn money for you and your family, who will support you your whole life even when you are in depression. You have to understand that it is nothing but just a distraction just a distraction. I am saying that it would be really easy and it would not be impossible also, so start by preparing your mind first and then your heart because they both are the ones which you have to bring on your side.
Now it’s time to tell all the social media distractions that you are not going to be distract and also to show them who is the boss, which is you and only you. Tell them that they can’t control you and make you do what they want.
Guys many of of you won’t be knowing that social media harm your real social life and build up your negative image in your own mind which means it is directly hitting your ego and self respect. Suppose you have posted a good image of you or one of the best image of you on Facebook and you don’t receive even one like on it or number of expected likes on it then you will be depressed that it was the best. Suppose you got but you didn’t receive anything in return. Similarly on Twitter if you posted at comment and no ones like it then your ego really hurts and you build up your negative image that you are the ugliest person on earth and you can’t do anything in life and that’s how your life and up there only.
More over your self esteem is hurt not only this after this unlikely and real hurting experience you become rude to others and to those also who care about you and love you and at the end you become the villain of your own life.
One of the major cause of addictiveness to social media is that it distracts your mind. Now most of you must be thinking that destruction is not our problem we can cope up later with our studies or with any other work that we are not doing now and wasting time on social media so my friend you are wrong and you don’t know how are you wasting your valuable time that cannot be retained back and simply it cannot come back. Some of you say that relaxes mind but for 2 hours continuously you have been using social media and use it. To relax is your mind you need a break of two hours in your busy life. How can you do this to yourself and if you do this to yourself then you should think at least five minutes. The revision of your day what did you do in the whole day.
Scientists and educationalist have founded the result that 90% of the students are getting distracted by these kinds of harmful destructions made by social media. And this is one of the major reason they are not being successful in their life. They should understand that social media is just for relaxation for a moment not for the whole life. Now let us take in example that your exams are going on and you have given the first exam and five more are left and you just posted image of you or a video of yourself and you didn’t get a like on Facebook or comment or you didn’t get as many as like you were expecting then you will get depressed but the exams left will not worry or care that you are depressed so the school should postpone the exam for you because that is not going to happen and can’t happen. So this is how your performance went down in the other exams.
Now what should you do to overcome this loss or to stop yourself from distracting more from the social media or another words from these social evils that it up your whole life and give you nothing in return. What you should do is you should think at least once that what you are doing is right or wrong. Now don’t make excuses like we will cope up later on with our studies over other important work that we have to do because that are all useless and that you also know very well. Now are yoi ready? It’s absolutely not because you are just looking on the Bright Side now let us assume a table of bright side and Dark Side Of Social Media there would be hardly one or two Bright Side of social media in your life but there will be a full table on the Dark Side of social media with the points. You should understand that it’s not important for you and it is really not important for you to waste time on social media but what is important now is to study well and gain knowledge as much as you can. Think the summary of your day that what you did was right? Calculate the number of hours left to the finals and when I say number of hours that means hours only because when you calculate number of days you want catch up with hours but you waste time in hours on social media 9 to 10 days so you should calculate the number of hours left in your finals and how should you waste your time? I’m just kidding you should calculate the hours and should plan what are the upcoming schedules for you and how should you convert your wasting time and to your most absolute time to study now is it hard no it’s not my friend because it’s just a matter of fight with brain and heart. Now most of you are not be knowing that our brain do what are heart likes now prepare heart for your studies which means you have to love studying the way you love your girlfriend or boyfriend or any other in your life make it your everyday routine and think like you can not live without it or you cannot breathe without it because studies are the key by which you will rise up with flying colours .
Now I will be discussing that how you should convert your wasting time in your most precious time to study what do whatever you like and when I said whatever you like it doesn’t mean that you will continue social media because it’s not the one that is going to pay you and to care for you your whole life and for your parents you have to understand that you have to earn money for your parents and return them what you get from them and you will have to understand that you will have to run your whole life not the social media or any other Evil distraction in your life. Now my friend I am going to tell you that social media is not friendly it just uses your time, money, data and of course your life to earn money. Most of you must be thinking that how social media earn money by using you so my friend the way that social media earns money is by advertising at advertisers there add a new downloaded which gives it money.
Social media like Twitter Facebook WhatsApp are just waste of time now you must be thinking that social media also consists of YouTube then why why am I not mentioning it here because my friend YouTube has more benefits or I should say merits then its demerits because my YouTube you can learn on and make your life more productive.
Friends you should understand that life is what you make not what these distractions of social media Evil make now it’s the time to make social media the villain of The Evil of your life and to fight with all the best you have got. It’s the time to think that do you really want social media evils to eat up your whole life and make you a dump waste or to kill that or to ignore that social media Evil. Now my friends it’s that time to become productive It’s the time to Unleash the beast hiding within you it’s the time to show people what you got it’s the time to improve your skills and this is the time to show social media that you are not a distraction anymore but just a waste of your precious time and most of all to tell social media that your time start now.
Now I have said many a times that social media is evil and is a distraction and by ignoring that distraction you can become successful. Now questions should come in your mind that the present successful peoples or personalities are active on social media or not? So discussing about Bill Gates and the way that he ignored distractions in his life.
Now you all must be knowing who is Bill Gates and for those who are not knowing Bill Gates is the one who created Windows the creator of a new generation the creator of a new technology and the enhancer and most probably one of the most wealthiest live person on earth. Now I must tell you that Bill Gates was so possessive towards his studies and not only a studies also has interest you wouldn’t believe that he used to sleep in his library so that he can save time that he wastea again coming and going to the library can you all believe that I know it’s hard to digest but this is the truth and he has said this on a live interview also to motivate younger generation now a question comes that whether he was having any sort of distraction or not so my friend he was having a lot of distractions even more than you but he was so focused and motivated towards his studies that he was not interested in wasting time on any of that distraction.

Now after reading all this how can you wait yourself to study and to make studies your second girlfriend or your first love so why are you wasting time get up and go to study or whatever the work you want in your life to improvise your life and to enhance your skills.

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