How To Take Amazing Selfies To Impress !

Nowadays selfie has been a trend. Whenever we hear this word, the thing which comes to our mind is opening the front camera of the mobile and start clicking selfies. Without checking that where we are, who is around us and whether we have wore good clothes or not, we will surely click selfies without checking that whether selfies are good and clear or not. People very rarely use rear camera. Clicking selfies is very normal nowadays. We don’t know the correct way of clicking selfies but we keep on doing this without knowing the correct way. Whenever we meet any famous Personality, we don’t or rarely ask for autographs. The first thing we say to them is selfie please. As soon as we get it, we upload it on our facebook accounts, Whatsapp status or on any other social media account. We expect for a lot of comment and likes but it doesn’t happen all the time that our expectations come true. This happens because our selfies are not good or not clear. Today I am gonna give you some tips about how to take a perfect selfie which can give you your expected or more than expected comments and likes on your selfies. So let’s start.


I have seen a lot of people, taking selfies with front camera which is having poor quality like brightness is very dim or exposure is very high. First thing we should care about is that we should have a good quality camera. If you do not have it, you can install selfie camera apps i.e. YouCam, B612, Sweet selfie and many more. These apps are available on google store. And don’t worry they are totally free for use. We can install these apps to click a perfect and a clear selfie.

But if you are really serious for your selfie then I have a good suggestion of a great smart phone which will help you to take the perfect selfie. Just click

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I have seen many people taking selfies by holding their mobile phones with both the hands and in just front of the face. This is the worst way to click a selfie. We should click a selfie by holding phone by single hand. People are not habitual of holding phone with single hand so their fingers come in front of camera. It becomes bad to see. So we should take care that our fingers are not coming in front of camera. While clicking a selfie, the phone should be at the top of our head and a little side. This is the correct way of clicking a selfie. Sometimes, clicking selfie when phone is at the bottom, also looks good. Phone should be at the top or at the bottom nor in the middle to click a perfect selfie. We should hold the camera with our strong hand. If we will try to click a selfie with our weak hand, we will not be able to click because we can’t operate it with our weak hand. My strong hand is right hand and whenever I click a selfie a click it with my right hand. If I will try to click a selfie with my weak hand that is left hand, I found it was continously shaking and my selfie became blurred. We should hold the phone the phone with our strong hand.


We people don’t know the correct places or atmosphere which are needed for a perfect selfie. The places which are close to nature are the best places to click a selfie like hill stations because the hilly areas are the only places where we can see the beauty of the nature. Clicking selfies on crowdy places is always a bad option/ idea. And if we want to click selfie there, we should take care of our expressions. If you are not feeling good there(crowdy places) and smiling in the selfie doesn’t look good. It looks very odd that you are smiling in the selfie and tagged below #bad experience over there. For beautiful and perfect selfies, we should be a little creative. For example, if you have went to any place where you find waterfall, you should click selfie with it like that you are drinking the water that is falling. Means click selfie, opening your mouth and placing it in such a way that it seems that water is falling in your mouth only. The second example is that if you are around any free fall (ride), you can place your hand at the top of it and make you look bigger and taller than that. If you are able to click this type of selfie so you can tag below your photo # iski mummy ne ise complan nahi pilaaya. The second thing that we can do with this ride is that we all know that this ride takes us up and then in between stops for sometime and then rapidly comes down. So when the people are in between or at the top stopped, put your hand under where people are sitting. As I told you earlier that you are seeming big in the selfie, it will look like that those people are sitting on your hand only. It looks amazing. All these examples that I gave, I have also done all these. And I have experienced all these.


Using your face while clicking a selfie is the most important in the selfie. Because in a selfie our face is first noticed. Our happiness should be revealed through our selfie. If we are not able to use our face in a perfect manner, so we should not be able to make our selfie look good. There are many ways of how to make our selfie look good and some of them are given here:

5. Use your pretty eyes

As I said earlier, our eyes should say that we are happy. Your eyes should see the camera by the edge. This looks nice. If you are simply clicking the selfie, your eyes should be left loose. And if you are clicking the selfie when you are excited, your should be opened at their large and your eyebrows should be up. But you should take care that it doesn’t look like tat you are afraid of something or trying to scare second person. What you can also do is, slightly turn your head, keep the phone at the top and look at the camera by the edge. And you will get a perfect selfie.

6. Using your lips

In the selfie we should always be happy so our smile would be natural in the selfie. What I mean is always smile in the selfie. Nowadays, what some girls are doing is that in every selfie they poud. In every selfie poud doesn’t look good. You should be excited in every selfie and that excitement looks in your smile and hep into enhance the beauty of your selfie.


Our hands should not be left as it is. We should use them to make our selfie look good and perfect. As this is a time where victory sign is a trend. All of us use to make victory sign in our selfies. But only victory sign is not the way in which you can use your hands. Some pther ways and signs are also there. One of them is that you can make all the best sign with your hand. When you are happy with yourself, this is the best way to show it in your selfie. When you are in angry mood you can make gun with your hands and put it just before your lips like you are blowing air on the edge of the gun after shooting out of it. You can make a correct (right) sign using your thumb and index finger and put an your chin like you are thinking some thing. These are some ways in which you can use your hand to make your selfie look good.


The most important thing that we should keep in our mind while taking a group selfie is that the person who is tall in the group should always be in the front to click the selfie. If short person will try to click a group selfie, surely he can click it but of course that would not be nice and this is also not confirm that every group member is there in the selfie. My hand are long and I am able to click a group selfie. I can click a group selfie of at least six members and maximum twelve members without the help of selfie stick. On the other hand, my sister can’t click a group selfie as she has short hands. She always refuses to click a group selfie as she is not able to. While clicking a group selfie, we should take care that every member is clear in the selfie. If short hand person will take a selfie the man who is tall wouldn’t be in the selfie. So a group selfie should always be taken by a person who is tall or who is having long hand to get a perfect selfie.

So I hope that you will be able to take perfect selfies. I wish that you will get many comments and likes on your photos. So I hope that you will be extremely happy after getting many comments and likes on your uploaded images. You can even increase your followership on social media. You may become a very popular person in this way. So start taking selfie and please subscribe to my blog, for more such articles.

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