I Never Studied But Then This Changed my life…

Are you someone who loved to study school textbooks? Are you someone who loved cramming school textbooks? Are you someone who want to follow the same path followed by millions? And are you someone who was not distracted by someone unique? If all the answers are yes, then sorry to say that this article is not for you. You can leave the site but if you answered all the questions as no, then don’t leave without reading all the content. This story is about a boy who was distracted by his friend from studies. Then they started to do something new. They faced many failures, they got extremely bad grades, and then… Please read the story to know what happened to them.

The Boy Who Was Distracted !

Whoa , that was quite a great deal  to tackle down, although, it was just for quite a few millions but I am still happy . While returning  from the office the people on the street were busy with their cozy schedule and also some teenagers indulge in it, just enjoying the moment.  After returning I decided to throw a party just like bills on me party, after this absolutely perfect deal.  The same day in the afternoon something happened to me , one of my employee was discussing his issues with his child, to his colleague, as I was sitting next to them discussing something new with my development department. I heard him he was just fed up with his child he said that he doesn’t like to study , he doesn’t study and all his grades are going down day by day  because of which he has to scold him everyday . He says his kid is a dreamer who just dreams of pointless things and is quite indulge in his interest, he ends up saying that he doesn’t know what his kid will do in his life because dreamers can just dream, and they can not do nothing else. This last sentence forced me stood up as it was just like hearing my own life story. I stood up and went to him and said that it does not seem like a problem , he replied shaking “What are you talking about Sir? . “The problem with your kid” I continued “Although he doesn’t like studies or doesn’t study at all but have you ever asked him what his interests are or what are his goals of future?”  He was speech less and was confused that a CEO of one of the best company was saying that. “I think that I have to share my life secrets here” I said, he asked “what secrets sir?”. “Secrets of my life”


I was born like all others are . My childhood is not of me alone but includes some of my close friends with whom I am in touch even now. As a child I was not too studious I was told that I have to clear High Qualifications exams , there was a lot of pressure over me . All my family members forced me to study but even in 10th grade I could not get expected marks as everyone expected from me like 95% + but within me I was satisfied as only I knew what did I write in the answer sheets . After passing 10th I was sent to live along with my maternal grandparents , my parents thought that I will study there . I tried very hard but couldn’t achieve good marks although I believe in knowledge more than marks but tried my best to attain good marks and to perform well in the finals. But as usual I disappointed them all .


After the school life I was forced to get admission in a college. Ahead in class 12th the condition was same but with more stress of studies and to achieve the goal that my parents decided for me. I remember that those were half yearly tests and I practiced a lot to learn things by heart but just like Einstein I was also not good at that. The results came which were the poorest. I was so tensed and didn’t know what to do.


I was unable to find a way out and continued my further studies . Now that was the most craziest point of my life which turned my whole life to the better way as one day my friend motivated me about stating up a new business , after a long try he was able to convince me up. Although I had Science and didn’t know anything about business and marketing tactics but through my external knowledge I learnt all that up . We both researched a lot about various topic like how to become an enterpeuner and also a quite lot books like lean startup . And gathered knowledge about what to do and form where to start. After about one month we started working on a project , a project which had the potential to beat best companies like Google , Amazon etc. We had done a lot of research on that and we were about  to proceed to make the application but were unable to go further because of some financial problem. We were both depressed and specially me because I had wasted a lot of time on that and now not studying for past three months . This was the toughest stage of my life where I had to choose between studies or project. It was just like choosing between two options that are- Option 1, I could continue my studies and achieve high grades by studying a lot harder and get a job at least of 2 Lakhs per month and Option 2, I could continue my project which could change the era and I could earn Millions per month. It didn’t take much time to decide what I have to do. I chose the option number 2.


As we needed a lot of money for our main projects so we decided to start a website for blogging . We wrote on various motivational topics , we tried a lot to get views and subscription on that , so we went to various social media to promote our site . But it didn’t work much as we couldn’t get much  views but we never lose hope. Me and my friend kept on posting a blog daily of great quality and length and seriously my friend it’s not an easy job to write that much and when you know that you are not getting anything in return for that. We researched again a lot on how to increase views and various other topics like SEO(search engine optimization) and also on how to earn by blogging because that was our main aim this time to earn money to work on other projects which could change the world.


The taste of success after failure is the best. We were not happy with the progress of our site because it was not progressing at all. But we were not going to stop trying and hence we tried a lot and never stopped.

I remember today also that it was after 4 months we made our website a little success. When I got the news that we are paid 50 $ by GOOGLE ADSENSE and initially that was tagged as our first income. We were finally boosted and enjoyed posting blogs everyday. Since it was kind of huge money for me but I didn’t tell my family members that I just earned that much.

We started earning regularly and also collecting money for our other small project to make good amount of earning . Though it was not quite big but we started researching about our next project which is Athlete maker and is a successful app now used almost in all the countries. I remember that its MVP was made by us only , no other software development company was involved .


I thought that teachers hated me that’s why they gave me the poorest marks in majority of the subjects but not the programming because it was my dream to be a good programmer. They arrived again but now with some restrictions such as not using mobile and laptop anymore and disconnection of internet. Don’t get confused when I said “they arrived” I was just referring to my oldest villain of my life the so called marks which were ruling the Indian education system and not only then now also. My parents were so upset and were fed up with my grades and literally forced me to study, as there were pre boards so I got another chance to perform well in boards.

Then I started studying hard and believe me when I said hard I meant that.


Studying was harder than posting a blog everyday. As I was just studying like stupid the other side my website disrupted and was not getting views at all .

I don’t realize what the problem was but it totally went down , just like to the point 0, it was really hard to digest that fact that I was again standing at the starting point but overlooked that. Everything that mattered at that time was studying. All that I studied went away with time. I needed a lot of motivation everyday so I listened most of the motivational speeches and also the songs.

Cramming all day was reducing my potential and it was just 2 months left for my finals i.e. the boards.


This condition of mine was just same as morning shit because I couldn’t study and was just wasting my time with the books. But there was someone who could understand my mental state and he supported me a lot. He was just my friend or now my partner in my company. He supported me in my website, he studied also and posted blogs, also he is one of my best friend. Though I was struggle but was not having tension of my site because now there was someone who was taking care of that.


Uhh ! that was hard to go against the whole world and drop out in second year of college one month before of my final exams. But I just did it and started focusing completely on my site and my other projects. We posted two blogs everyday and started earning again.

After the launch of our next application we started a company , a company which was going to change the world.


The company that we started after a lot of struggle was now going to become the most richest and successful company in the world and that was not just because we did a lot of hard work but because we researched a lot before starting anything new and about every topic.

I didn’t believe now also that a child whom everyone told that he cannot do anything in life and needed motivation everywhere, wrote a book “If You Can’t Then You Can”.

And now I am proud to say that I am a cofounder of world’s richest company and all those who forced me became the best source of motivation in my life.

And my friend this may be success.

So I am hope that you have got the motivation of working hard towards your dreams. If you think that you should not do this then believe me, this is true. Not completely true, but we are working extremely hard to make it a reality. This is written by my partner who tells his story, and what will happen in future. I am the friend who distracted. We are at the mid stage of the story, and I believe that we can make it a complete true. We just need a few years and then I will say proudly to everyone about this article. If you liked this article, and want to help us in making this story a complete reality then please subscribe to this blog Geniusmehra.com and please share this article with everyone who wants to do something in future, other than just getting a job.

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