If Drop Outs Are Billionaires, Why Should We Study !!

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This is a question that often arises in the minds of young children and when they ask this question to their parents then they are speechless or in anger they give them harsh answers, like you just leave it and go to studies or I need to stop you from using the internet or other harsh things. But this is not a wrong thing if your child is asking this question you. Actually, it is good that they are reading the biographies of great people and they want to know about their way of thinking. But if you stop your child from doing such reading and ask them just to study what is their syllabus, then you are playing with the future of your child. They have the right to study about the lives of such great people and they also have the right to know why they have to study. So don’t be harsh to them if they ask this question, but try to analyse why they dropped out and became so successful. Please don’t say that they were lucky. They were not lucky and they failed many times at first. But they kept on moving. Give your child a proper answer that why they should study and should not think of dropping out. IF you don’t the reasons that why those successful people like Bill Gates, Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerburg dropped out and your child should not then read this article to give them the answer then may be one day they also become extremely successful by your one small step. So let’s study this article and come to know that why did they drop out of college, and became so successful. Is education not required to be successful or didn’t they need education to become successful or they had plenty of family money? In this article you will come to the know the reasons that they became so successful even after leaving their education in between. Here are the points that why they didn’t fail in their lives.

  1. They were highly talented

By talent, I don’t mean that they got the maximum marks in their tests, but it is something different. I don’t deny that most of them were getting good marks in academics but this was not the thing that made them extremely successful. By saying highly talented I mean that they were very much advanced in a particular skill. Skill like programming, Bill Gates did programming for hours from a very early age of about 11, Mark Zuckerburg started even earlier( his father appointed a tutor and he was learning faster than the teacher could teach), Steve Jobs was an expert of hardware machinery of many things, Elon Musk was reading a lot of books and was applying them to his life. At a very young age of 15, Bill Gates started his first company with his friends, named Traf-o-data, Mark Zuckerburg created Zucknet ( a communication application to contact within the Zuckerburg family and his father’s office), Steve Jobs, along with his friend Steve Wozniak, created Blue box( a device that could be used for communication outside the country also with zero money) and Elon Musk created his first video game and sold it to a company. You see, else than studies they were highly talented at other skills also. They were not only highly skilled but they were also using their skills on real life and these things gave them a confidence that they can become successful. They were sure of their success, but not because they were dreaming but they had done great calculation of it. Mark Zuckerburg even go offer of job from Microsoft when he hadn’t completed his high school. So can’t he be sure of his success?

2. They read a lot of books, other syllabus

Most of them or all of them were fond of reading books. They read books on a number of different subjects. They were developing their skills and knowledge when others were playing. They were not doing this because they were forced to do this by anyone but because they loved to do this. They were getting advanced lessons of their skills in this way and they were also coming to know that how can they apply their knowledge in real life. They just didn’t want to get extra knowledge but they wanted to make use of that knowledge to get some profit. Most of the times they made money from a young age by their skill which encouraged them to work more on it. This was a kind of reinforcement that forced them to learn it more and become even better at that skill so that they can earn even more. They were benefitted from their reading and also from their skills so they continued, but if you will scold your child because he asked a question that arose in his mind because he read a book other than the syllabus, then how can he further study. If he can’t study at this point then how can he further develop the skill he love and become so great like them. This article is not just to give you answer but it is also to guide you that how can you make your child extremely successful and that is by inheriting good habits in them that will make them successful. You need to remember that your child can become extremely successful if he is guided well. When those great people were born and when your child was born they both were the same. But the difference created latter on by the way they are treated in the family and what are they doing. You can change it even though, but believe this fact, that only schooling and school education can’t make you successful, because it is the same for millions of people and they all can’t be successful.

3. They started while studying and then dropped out

If you thought that one day they suddenly thought that they should drop out of college and so they did. Then suddenly their luck changed and they become successful then,sorry for my language, you are a stupid, you are a fool. They should be having some reason to drop out. Actually, when they were studying they were doing other things also as I said before in the same article in the first point, that they were highly talented. They were earning also. When they came to a situation when they could not manage the intense work of the start up and their college work then they dropped out. They tried not to drop out as long as possible but a situation always comes when the start up was growing extremely rapidly then they needed to from out because at that point leaving the start up would have been a big stupidity. Even you could easily understand this because even you would not leave the start up at a point when it is growing so rapidly that it can make you extremely successful and rich. Even we too can make a decision so should not they have taken this decision, but the problem is that we never try to think from their point of view but we only want to see the easy part, that they didn’t study and they earn huge amounts of money, we even neglect the hard work they do at their start up. So be thinking from their point of view you would have started to think that why dropped out, but this is just the starting and keep reading the article for getting even deep inside the topic of this issue. Now I think you would have started getting interest in the topic so let’s see the next point.

4. Before dropping out they had a clear path of future

This is a little like the first step, that they were doing something. It was not that they were thinking what they should do in future and then their grades started being poor so they were forced to leave the college or soon they might be forced. But they had a clear that what are they going to do in future. But this point is difference then the earlier, it is because that you know what to do but where do you show off your skills and use them. Yes, they were having their start up but what their start up is going to do in future was clear. They were not dependent on the initial success or that money for everything. They had proper plans that why their start up will keep growing in future also. They knew what innovations are they going to implement. They were even having funding from other sources also. If you thought they were not having these supports behind them before dropping out then sorry you are wrong. They could write most of the things which are going to take place in their life. They were not so stupid to leave their college just because their start up was making money and they wanted money. But many times, many profit making companies and start ups soon go bankrupt, so why will their company not go bankrupt, they had this answer and all this because of investment in the future. They did something that is needed today and the need of that thing will keep on growing in the future also because that will become a major problem of future and if they are getting a solution then why people will not use the way if they could easy get that solution. So just imagine that you are one of them and now can you take the bold step of dropping out of college?

5.They were ready to work for long hours, even for nothing

Well, this point is very obvious. It is because they are young men dropped out of college and if they want employees, since their start up is growing, then they need to pay them heavily because after all it was a start up and how can others always understand your vision. Their company needed them also but they can’t afford to pay them also because paying them will be an overload on the company. So they couldn’t get anything in the near future but to take the company to another level they needed to work for hours and if they don’t work then surely start up will fail. They needed to work for much more hours then the other employees, and were paid negligible in comparison to other employees. But they kept on working it is the reason that today they earn so large amount of money. So can you think of working so hard even when you are getting nothing? If your answer is no, then don’t worry there are millions like you but if you gave the answer yes, then think twice. If even now your answer is yes, then just try to read a book for 4 hours a day and this should not be book of your syllabus. If you are habitual of reading books then this may be easy and therefore you need to do other work, can you play football for 3 hours everyday, and if you can do this then may be you can become extremely successful. I think that asking to play football may be totally useless for you, but reading books is not useless. You can read books on any topic else than your syllabus. So you can try to take up topics that, in future, can help by developing your skills. So this is a task that can help you, you may even also be able to come to that whether you are capable of working so hard at that stage or not. If not, then develop this thing in yourself to be successful.

6. They were self learners

It is very obvious that they were self learners and whatever were they doing they were learning their skill more. They were developing their skills more and they want to get more and more knowledge on that skill. They were not just only making money but they were learning. Being true, they didn’t need the college to teach them their skills. I should not say like that but I think that it is the reality. Since childhood they had been learning their skills and they were much ahead of others of the same age. Others were also not stupid but they were extraordinary because of their habit of self learning. They were not forced by the college to get learned but they were learning what they loved. The need of college and college study is just to get a degree, but they found ways such that they didn’t need the college degree, and therefore, they dropped out. Even if they had never went to college then they would have got more knowledge and skill of that subject than they could have got from the college. If we think from our point of view, then we go to college because we want a degree to get a good job in our life. We don’t really want to learn the new aspects of the subject we are going to study. We don’t have any interest in studying the subject we have a good job even without studying that subject. Just ask this question this question and if you will study the subject then you are extremely lucky to study what you love and in future you will become extremely successful, but if you answer no then please try to find out your love which will make you extremely successful. Even if their start up would have failed, they have got so much skill and knowledge that any one could give them job at their conditions.

7. College was fun and easy, they wanted challenge

Just imagine that you are a student of class II and think how fun it would to study in Nursery. They had developed their skill so well and they had moved ahead in their skill so it would have been easy studying there. Most of the concepts were not new for them and they studied them. As I said that used their skill then it is very obvious that they had also used their skill d they could use it at other places also, so they were above than the college could teach them. I don’t say that always they knew all the concepts but most of the times they knew many concepts and other times they could understand them easily. So it was not very interesting to them and it was a like a waste of time for them there. But they wanted challenged, they wanted to do something interesting. So they created their first start up and it failed, then they thought what was wrong then they appeared in exams, passed with flying colours then again they started a new start up. After the first start up they didn’t stop because they wanted challenges. So this thing helped them in becoming so successful. When they got a successful start up then they needed to become the best in the whole world so again it was a great challenge for all of them. So they were motivated by their and they wanted to achieve their aim. And their college which was almost useless to them was becoming an obstacle to them so they left the college to do what is better to them and that could make them so successful by achieving their goals in their life.

8. They were passionate to make the world better, not their life

I don’t know what do you do, or what are you doing but just ask yourself a question that why are you doing that. Are you doing that because you are getting paid or getting any benefit, or you doing just to learn something ( else than study of school or college) or you are doing this to make the life of everyone better? If your answer is first, then sorry to say then you are not going to become very successful in your life. Being true, you are working for today and may be tomorrow you could not do that, you are dependent on that particular thing or I should say that you are totally dependent on that employer also because you are not learning any thing new. But if you are in the second category then it is much better than the first one, but tell me are you capable of using that skill. I don’t criticize that but I give suggestion that you learn how to use our skill in real life and don’t only use all the time in getting knowledge. You may become successful in future but there is a question, we need help to become successful, so why the world will help you? You should have a reason but you don’t know. The third category is the category with the least people. Why should we care for the world if it is not helping me? why should I waste my time for them? These are some of the questions that arise in the minds of many people and they don’t work for the society. But when we try to help others then it means that we are solving their problems and if we are solving their problems then it means that they have reason to help us and use our products because it will help them. I have not come to compete but I have come to help everyone because I have observed that many people have these problems.

9. They saw that something is growing rapidly so they didn’t want to lose the chance

Most of the times, when any company becomes extremely successful in future then they have grabbed a world changing opportunity. The best example is the internet, if you have envisioned its future then surely you would have worked on it but we didn’t envisioned it, and therefore didn’t do anything. But the people who did are really successful. Amazon was founded when internet was growing multiple times a year, and then Google was found and these two companies are one of the most successful companies today. Then one person observed that internet is growing but the problem is that people are still very unconnected. So then he helped them by a website and since internet was growing then website also grew very popular and today the website is very successful. The website is Facebook. When computers were not so advanced and were developing and computer were started selling at a great rate and that rate was increasing and then one person thought that computers were smart but using them is very difficult. So he thought of helping the public by giving them an easy way of using computers with the help of an easy operating system. Then Microsoft was started to help everyone. Since computers were growing to be used Microsoft grew, and it also helped in the growth of computers to the homes of many people. All the great entrepreneurs have utilized a great opportunity to become successful. So the see the future of something and then do something for it. But if they would have missed the chance then we could not have heard their name, even of their great skills and knowledge so if you get any chance then grab it

10. They had great partners

All the great entrepreneurs had great entrepreneurs and they were as skilled as the entrepreneurs, and they were also great entrepreneurs. They were as passionate as the great leaders who are more popular. If you think that why they are not so popular then being true, they were socially backward and they were not leader ( or the face ) of the company. But the thing is that those great leaders had a great team from the starting. Earlier, they had just one or two founding members but later on, they built a great team that could help them in achieving in success of their company of becoming the best in the whole world. They know the skills of getting great employees to their team. For this Steve Jobs is most popular. If he knew of you that you are a great at a particular skill and he observed your great skill and analyzed it himself then he would do whatever he could do to bring you to the company. Bill Gates is also an expert at this particular skill. The next big thing is that they tried their level best to keep you in the team and never let you go out of the team. This is a very important work of a leader and it should be done perfectly, and if the leader could not do this perfectly then he is not a good leader and the company will soon go down. IF he has seen that he can’t do it then he should give this work to someone else to bring good talents to the company and making an environment that those people will not leave the company. Any how this thing needs to be done if you want to successful.

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