If You Want To Save Your Child From The Cruel World Then Read This !!

This is article is for all the parents who want to be a good parent. If you want to be a good parent and want that your child become extremely successful in his life then only you should read this article. But if you want that your child follow the orthodox way and follow the life that all individuals live then this article is useless for you. You don’t need this article and this article can not for any good to you but if you want to give him a better and want that he would do something new. This article will help you to give a good life to you and it will also help you to save your child from the cruel world. We all know that the whole world has been extremely cruel so to handle it we need to know the different ways, but sometimes, we teach our children such things that it becomes extremely difficult to handle the world. These things make him a loser in the eyes of the whole world and in reality also. So are you also doing something like that? Are you different from those parents? How can you save your child and make him extremely successful? If you want to know the answers then start reading this article and read till end. But before reading I want to tell you that you may not like a few points and it may be difficult for you to follow these points then just take your time and think over them and then take steps but remember they will help your child very much. So for the future of your child let’s start reading this article and don’t stop before finishing the whole article because it is extremely important for your child’s future.

1. Don’t teach him to always follow others including you

Well, you may think that how is it good fro your child to disobey you. You may think that it is wrong but just imagine that he is always following then you are proud of him, when he is following this teachers then you are proud of him, but in this way he is developing the habit of always following others. Will like that the whole world rule your child? Will you like that the whole world is giving orders to your child and he is following them blindly? I can bet that you don’t want this to happen but just remember that you are developing this habit in him to follow you. How can he himself come to know that he should not follow everyone? Well, actually I don’t mean to disobey but to not follow blindly. Develop in him the habit of asking questions of why he should do. If you are telling something then it is OK but if his friends ask him to do wrong things for fun, then what? So develop the habit of asking why? This is actually one of the most important qualities of great leaders also. If this habit is developed then sometimes he may disobey, ask you questions always but sometimes he will give you better suggestions of doing the same work. He may use his mind and complete the same task by doing something easier. He will start using his mind. In this way, he may not become a good employee, but he will become a great leader. We all know that we can’t hide our habits and qualities if they have been inherited since childhood. Just ask yourself are you a leader or follower and do you want your child to be that only? Now you would have got the answer that what is better, your child disobey you sometimes, or become a blind follower?

2. Don’t stop him from dreaming big

It is not very rare for children to tell big dreams to their parents, which is very good because this is the base of everything. A dream has taken humans from Earth to Moon, a dream has given us internet, a dream has given us Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, a dream has given us everything and without a dream there is nothing but even though many times parents scold their children and ask them just to study. Tell whether it is true or not? Has it happened with you or not? Did you hate that or not? But even though, you are following the same path. We, as parents, think that children should not dream big because they can’t achieve their dreams or we have made us so narrow minded that we can’t hear big dreams of others ( including our children). We think that our children don’t know how this world runs or how difficult is that to achieve that dream? Yes, it is true, but by denying them their wish dies, but think if you would have utilized the energy that the dream was giving to them. I don’t mean lying to them that you will get it for them but you will not buy it. I mean, ask then how can they achieve it. They will be speechless, but then give them a way. Yes, I know sometimes you yourself may not be having that idea, like how to buy a plane. But tell them to buy it then need to do a lot of hard work. Tell them that in future they can surely buy the airplane. But frankly say that you don’t know the way of doing that, but they can do it. They need to find out a way themselves. I know that it is very stupid but think from the point of view of the child, I can do it, I can get that plane but I just need to get an idea. He will surely come to you within a little time to tell you an idea, that is not perfect but he came up with an idea that you can’t do. He started using his brain, that all the great entrepreneurs do. Every time tell them the truth but keep reinforcing them that can do it if they really want to do it.

3. Give books to read other than school syllabus

Well, if you allow your child to tell you his or her dreams, then you can easily come to know about their interest. But one very important thing, always take them seriously and never make fun of their big dream, just think if someone made the fun of your dream that lives in your heart. So when come to know about their interest then easily you can give them the books that they should read. But don’t talk like stupids now that they should study school books because it is very important and they need to get good grades and other stupid things. I will not waste time on those things now, just do net surfing yourself and how much does other great people read in their childhood. But one thing, Elon Muck read almost 8 to 10 hours a day and check for others online. So give them books then they will definitely read them because it can take them close to their dream but don’t provide them very complex books in the start. Give them story books in which the main character achieves the same big dream. Then biography of the person who actually achieved that dream. Then it comes to other boos that can take him closer to the dream. So thoroughly check which book is the best for your child. Invest your time in your child because he needs that time. You are making him a leader in this case.

4. Education system does not care for your child

This is a bitter reality and you need to accept it that education system does not car for your child because if it does then everyone should be extremely successful. Now don’t say that who does not study, how can he become successful, it is because maximum times the toppers of the school work in big companies, but drop outs lead those companies. I don’t mean to drop out but accept that you need to focus on your child and just giving the fees of school and giving them shelter, food is not enough. They need you. You need to guide them personally. You need to recognize their talents. The school can’t do this because all the students are equal and there are may students. But just believe that your child is special so he needs extra support from your side, because he is going to do extraordinary things in his life. It is very difficult to believe but if you will then really it will be shown in your child’s attitude and personality, and he will surely become. But if he start believing that he can’t do anything then he will go on as the cruel world will take him. So tell him that he is not ordinary, he is special so he needs to do special things that others are not doing, whether that is reading books or running behind a very difficult dream. This attitude of feeling special will give him the energy to work more for the success of his dream and then he will surely help the whole world by doing extraordinary works, because he believes that he is special. Feeling special is something that may not come to him himself but by saying that he is special and therefore he needs to do all those important and other works then study, will give power to do this and also feel special because others are not doing this.

5. Don’t always force him for physical work

This is very common for parents to ask their children to do physical work, it includes household work like cleaning, sweeping,etc. Well, I understand that you don’t want them to be lazy but is this the way? You should ask them to do exercise if you want them to be active, or I say you should do it with them. But if they are free and therefore, you ask them to do household work then I don’t support it. Sometimes, it is OK because they will also learn how to do this so that if they need to do it and no one is there then they can do it. But if you want them to do this just because so that they don’t waste their time by sitting free or sleeping then it is totally stupidity. I think that it will not help them much in their life. As I said, your child is special so can he need to do these things himself, he can take help for such things. After all, it is not his first work. He is not going to be any labourer as much as I expect,then how will it ever help him? He will go to college, live in hostel and everyone needs to do their work themselves, then give him some guidelines at that time, but in other time give your child some mental work, else than physical work. Ask him to write essays, poems on various topics because for that he need to get information of that topic and this thing will surely help him in future, more than the physical work. Make him creative and someone who finds methods to solve any problem. Make him great problem solver because this habit has been declining nowadays and someone extremely skilled in that skill can change the world for the better. So develop this thing in him rather than physical work skills. And allow him to sleep when he is free because it is required for a creative mind. You should need to accept that no one can be best at everything and no one can learn all the skills so try to devote the time of your child towards the skill most required by him so help him get a better brain than become an average person able to do a little household work.

6. Regularly talk to them and observe them

You need to talk to them always and if you follow me then talk about their dream then you will be becoming their friend. All the parents want their children to be their friend when their children are adult but most of the times they don’t want to be friends with their parents because they have many others, but in childhood when children want to be friend with their parents, parents want to be just parents. But if you will talk to them about their dream about which they have told you, and about which topic you have given them books. You would come to know about their daily life and what is going on. They would become your friends and it is extremely good that they are your friend and not of a bad community. You need to give them small targets for achieving their great dreams. It is because they can not complete their big dream in a short period time and if they will not be able to complete it then they will be demotivated so you need to keep them motivated. Even if we try something and we fail, we feel very bad. It becomes extremely difficult to stand again. Then they are children, how can they manage so many defeats. So these small victories will help them believe that they can do it because they are getting victory. This is also excellent way teaching them new skills. But they will surely ask why, so give them a proper reason to do what you are saying, what benefit will they get from that work or task. You need to keep the light of that dream keep bright and use that to make your child successful in future. So think for your child and manage time to talk to your children because they need it.

7. Support them in extra work, other than studies

Well, it is very important that you give them small projects to complete with their existing knowledge. Actually, what I think is that gaining knowledge is important, very important, but using that knowledge is more important. What has been there in the world nowadays is that people are having knowledge, but they are not extremely successful. If a person could be successful only by knowledge then why teachers are teaching in schools. The people who become have knowledge but they use their knowledge so well that no one else could imagine. The world is using knowledge in which it has been already done by a few creative people and now the masses are following them. You need to teach your child the way to use knowledge by giving small projects in a brand new way. After giving them the projects you need to help them but in the way that they need to use their mind to do anything ahead. Remember, you are there to be their assistant and check that they don’t feel demotivated, you need to keep the feeling of excitement in them by giving the feel of victory. You need to take them to victory. You will be becoming their partner. You need to give them all the knowledge that you have and them the ways of using knowledge that they can do what you can’t do in your life. They need you very much and this kind of support so please give them this support.

8. Give them limited time with technology under your guidance

You may have the thinking that access to new technology is not good for your child. I will not deny this or I can’t deny this. But do you know what is more dangerous, your child using it without your knowledge or permission. He may surely like to use the technology and if their friends introduce the technology then they may misguide them. So you should introduce technology to them an tell them the correct use of technology. You should tell them what should be done with it, or what should not be. Well, remember as I said, that using knowledge and different things. They may take advantage of technology to reach near their goal. You need to believe your child and if you are too much conscious then you can take a few steps. You should allow them to use it in for limited time only and in your presence only. Each time they should use it, you should ask them before using that why are they using or tell them to write it on a paper. Actually, it will help in increasing their productivity because they will complete their task before doing anything. They will not waste their time in this way. You can yourself give them tasks to be done using that technological device or whatever that is. But I think that you should not isolate them from new technology. It is like telling them to fly but holding their wings. This time technology is growing rapidly so they also need to use it for their benefit. But you need to tell the way of using technology in the perfect way.

9. Teach them the skills that will help them in future

Well, I understand that you can’t see future, but you can do assumption. You can see that which thing does your child love and has interest. So  you may be having idea that skill is very important for that profession. Whether that is discipline or honesty or anything else but you need to develop that in your child and it is your responsibility. If you will complete you job perfectly then only your child could achieve what he wants and as much successful as you want to see him. So help your child in this way for that thing. You need to give your precious time and energy to him but never say harsh words to him if he could not do something easily. It may be difficult for him to understand but you don’t frustrate and keep faith in him. Faith is the key to success for your child because you are his biggest asset and don’t that he is also the biggest asset to you. They are going to change the future world so at least you should be able to assume future correctly.

10. Never force them to take up a particular profession

It has been very common for parents to tell their parents that they should become this or they should become that. When you are assuming the future you may be wrong but you should not force your child to take up a particular profession, because everyone is trying to be that only. Just think that you are putting him in intense competition but if he could make another profession so important everyone will try to be that. Let him do what he wants and never force your child for adopting a particular profession. If you will do that you will be a load on his head and he will be a load on your head. He may be having other interests so let him do what he wants. You can’t judge a fish by its capability to climb a tree. Therefore, don’t let your child become a fish who is being forced to climb a tree, let him swim as fast as he could. You are becoming the obstacle with whom he neither can leave nor he can leave. So think wisely for this point also.

Now its done I have told you many tips that can be helpful to you to take care for your child and make him a successful person who will be known to the whole world. I say that don’t follow me, but ask why. Just think that whether the tips given in this article useful for you or not. Just think that how many should you adopt immediately, and which you should adopt later on. Don’t believe me or anyone else but think before taking any step because he is your child. So best of luck for future.

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