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Here we present in front of you our IQ Test. It takes your 4 minutes only. You will love to use our test because it gives to a rough estimate of your IQ. It would give you a good idea of your IQ in this small time. But the questions in our IQ test are created just for genius. They are the most difficult questions. You can’t solve these questions if you are normal person. All the questions are not extremely difficult because normal people will also take this IQ test. But in this attempt, we didn’t forget the genius group which will take our quiz. We have given special attention to them so you should not hesitate taking this IQ test if you think you are extremely smart.

But if you can’t get the IQ which you supposed then you can take the test multiple times. Don’t hesitate in this.Taking the test multiple times will definitely help you in increasing your IQ. So I hope that you will like this IQ test and you will recommend this to your friends also so that they can also take this test. They will also become a bit smarter if they take this test. This will force you use your brain to its best potential. So lets take this. And if you want more tests like this then you can get them here only after sometime. We are working on other tests also. They will focus on the smart group of the world.

So now without wasting time lets start this IQ test. The purpose is to know your IQ then you should attempt to sharpen your mind. So read some of our blogs which will help you do that. So lets finally start this quiz so that our dear user can find out their IQ and be happy with us.

Welcome to your IQ Only

A lily pad grows in a pond. Each day it doubles from the previous day. It covers the whole ground in 46 days. When it covered half of the pond?
The bat and ball together cost $1.10. The bat is $1 more expensive than the ball. How much does the ball costs?
There is a password between two men. When one says Twelve the others says six. When one says six the other says three. when one says four the other says four. what is for five?

In one psychiatric hospital, there is a head physician and several patients. After the new medicine intake, all patients suddenly caught a strange “disease” and they always tried to bite someone once a day. Fortunately, this side effect lasted only for one week. When everything was fine again, the doctor noticed that each patient had 2 bites. But the doctor was bitten 100 times. How many patients were there in the hospital?

A man fell into a well. The well was 33 meter deep. Each day he rose 3 meters and then at night fell 2 meters. So in how many days will he come out?
Which direction is depicted in the picture below?
Which is the next number:

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