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Best ways to choose career!

The thing you should realize first is that what is right for you, or in other words, what is made for you and just for you? For what you are made the best in the world?

The thing you should know is that what interests you the most. What do you like the most? Is it your hobby or your regular habit? The thing you have to do is just down. Then write the things you like and you can opt as your career or jobs that you like the most.

Your interest maybe in sports. But if you think so that you are a good sport man and can make your hobby into your habit by opting that sport as your career then only you should opt sport otherwise there may be many other things that interest you like many subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, computers, biology and etc.

Maybe you want to become a guitarist or maybe not. maybe you want to become a programmer or maybe not. The thing on which this all depends is just you know other will guide you to your dream. But you yourself have to make your own path and that is the most difficult part of your earning career journey.

Life does not go only with happiness, love or hatred. The thing which is on the cycle of life is money. Without money you are nothing.
Some guys think that they are not made for anything and anything is not made for them but they are wrong. They can’t find their interest or the things which they like and can make success in that line .

While opting something as your career many things will distract you. And one of the most distractions which are faced by people is relatives. They may be within your family even your parents would distract you. But you don’t have to be distracted. You just have to do what your heart says and what your mind allows you to opt.

While choosing a career you have to keep in mind that is it fulfilling your parents expectations from you. And is it filling your own Expectations which you expect from yourself. And are there possibilities to grow financially in that career with years? This is what you have to do while opting for career are making career decisions.

90% of the students opt or choose the career which their parents force them to choose. So an image builds up in our mind that the career that our parents are choosing for us might be good, then only they are choosing so we should also opt for that same career no matter we have interest in that line or not. And out of that 90%, almost 50% of the students are those who are fed up. And get upset after choosing their career as they have no option to choose another career at that time. 

Well, this is also a reason for the thousands of deaths by young people who are fed up with their career. Their parents come their crying, shouting they could have helped in changing career. But where were those stupid people when he was suffering alone? Were those not having knowledge of his dislike of the job? Or had they planned his death???

Your parents might force you by giving example of any other successful person. For example your cousin-brother has gotten a high paid job of his interest. And is settle in USA so your parents might force you to opt for the same career line for yourself. In order to become that much successful like your brother is. Remember I said your brother of the career of his interest not of your interest maybe your and your brother’s interest, he may be dissimilar or maybe just opposite to each other .

Personally I have seen students who do a lot of hard work in their studies and don’t become successful. On the other side I have seen students who do hard work also and enjoy also. In other words they maintain a balance between Fun and studies. So is the problem that the students are not putting that much of hard work? No , absolutely no because the reason as they are not putting the right work in the correct direction. Or maybe they are changing their success or goal by wrong path.
The correct way ☺


Now are you moving in a correct direction maybe or maybe not. It is possible that you are in the wrong direction but sometimes from the wrong path you achieve the right goals. If you are failed somewhere don’t think that it is done and the world ends here. It is because that is not what is going to happen. You just need to understand that if you stuck somewhere or just failed somewhere then maybe it is done according to the God’s will. Maybe God wants you or have something more bigger opportunity for you. Maybe something more which you deserve.

Now how to give yourself a direction. The answer is by listening to your heart. But how will you do that because it is not technically possible. So for that you just have to know what interests you the most and in which line or which sector your heart and mind both works well with proper coordination. That’s the first thing you have to do.

This will take hardly a minute to know what interest you. Maybe it is programming. May be it is guitar playing. Maybe it is any kind of sport or maybe something else.

Nowadays there are many great opportunities. Or in other words different and unique opportunities or career options to opt. Such as you can just become a blogger by blogging on sides and writing stuff which interest you. And that will interest other people also. Or maybe you can become a youtuber and you could earn money just by making videos of peoples interest.

Now just to clarify you I would like to discuss on this topic this. Are competitive exams made for you or are they right for you? So to find an answer for this question you will just have to think for a minute. Is your concentration power good? Are you well in concentrating long hours on your study with no distraction at all? If the voice within you says yes then only of for any kind of competitive exams mainly and specially for IIT. And if it is no you can’t find an answer that means you are not made for that kind of exams. It’s not that you can’t make it maybe you can. But there is no fun opting a career which is just opposite to your interest like you.

To crack competitive exams like IITJEE you should have most powerful tool which is your mind at the right place. Now if you get distracted easily so I can tell you some of the ways not to get distracted while studying for preparing for any kind of competitive exam. But this will not help you because you are not made for it. But if you want to opt what your parents are forcing to then OK. You can read my another blog about how to focus on your studies but fellow you are doing wrong with your mind and your heart that’s not it.

Now if you really want to become successful then you have to do a lot of hard work with equal amount of smart work. There is no time for wasting. And there is only time to utilize. So utilize time in your studies if you are studying student which will increase your potential. As well as Train Your Mind according to the entrance exam which you are going to give0 in future. Friends this is the time you will have to break your comfort zone and get out of there. 

This is the time when you have to face the world. And it’s that time when you have to wake up the beast inside you. Its reciting in your heart connected to your brain. Unleash the Beast Unleash its soul power and release it towards your target towards your Gold to chase success in life the 20 is just waiting for your command it is just waiting for your instructions to perform your task Unleash the Beast as per your well and become the king of your world.

Distract the people who distract you distract them and make more time for your studies it’s the time my friends to show all the hatred in your life all the revenge-rs you have to take all the people you had the most all the people that hate you the most that “you are the one at the sale and you are the master of your sea”.

So what are you waiting for after reading all this motivation Unleash the Beast and give people what they want they want your time that’s OK so give them triple time of your and study about like 4 times more then they do show them that you enjoy all the time and don’t study but inside study like a beast study like a pro get the hell out of your comfort zone and Unleash your beast Unleash your soul powers.

Unleash your mind powers let your mind channel through knowledge. Knowledge channel through your mind let your mind be one of the greatest mind ever let yourself to change the world destroy all limits because my friends “ this is the time and you are the one”.

First things to keep in mind that you should have confidence in yourself. Believe me I have also gone through that phase when I had to choose my line of career. Lack of confidence can create a mess while the time when you choose your career.

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