Reality Of Indian Education System !

This is a self written poem by me on the reality of Indian education system being revealed by a student.

I want to live, I want to fly,

I want success, I don’t lie,

But I don’t know why

I keep on to cry

I do what I don’t want

Can’t do what I want

What is this, I don’t know

For my every wish I hear No

I have dreams to fulfill

But I need to just study

i need to study the subjects which I don’t like

Just because others got success, who did its study

I am advised to focus on the weak

Leave where I am at peak

I don’t know how to be the best in the weak part

But I’ll try because being low, pains my heart.

But when I reach at peak again I’m asked to change

I don’t know why they change

They say this, but, want that

They advice to study just for marks, wait

When I get them, I am the king

But when I don’t,  got pushed in the ring

Many do cheat and got a lot of appreciation

I don’t know its right or not,

But I know, its bad for the nation

Strict attempts are done to stop cheat

But no one says, don’t study for marks, that’s shit

Everyone wants marks, and just marks

May be that’s good,

But then why, all the importance would

Fall after school, college

Why it cant get success at edge

I don’t know whether I’m wrong

Or they are

But in both the cases, the mistake is mine

Mine and just mine,

Because I’m a student

An Indian student

Who can just study

And becomes stupid out of books

He has two choices only, to choose from

Whether a doctor, or engineer

This is OK here

But I care for the nation which stood no where

This System is creating jobless

Because everyone wants it

And the system has missed one, one small thing

It is creating job seekers, millions of job seekers

But not a job giver.

Focus on knowledge,

This is what I listen

But that’s totally useless

Because no one teaches to use

I don’t fear exams, but this pressure

Because it increases as time goes

I want to be happy, just this

But I can’t get because

 I’m a student

An Indian student

-Genius Mehra


I don’t think that now I need more words to share with you. All which I have written is enough. This is being said by an Indian student to his parents, teachers, society about his status. This tells about what he feels. He tells what he wants. It all becomes clear as he starts. He starts by saying he just wants to live his life to the most. But he also wants to fly. He wants to get success. It is not that in the attempt to live he has no ambition. He is ambitious.

But the status of every child is the same that he is just crying all the time. The reason is that he can’t do what he wants. His parents, teachers and society all the time force him for everything. He needs to study and do what he does not want. And he cant do what he wants. He is very desperate here.

This is something that every Indian student feels. May be it is the condition at other places but I have not gone there.

And I even don’t care much about them. But I do care for India. I want to see India becoming the most powerful country in the whole world. We even have this capability. But at this point our Indian education system come into action. They teach us just enough to get marks. If a child gets marks then he is good otherwise he is bad. This is the same definition as it was decades ago.

Our education system focuses on marks which help in getting jobs. So finally it is focusing on getting jobs. And the problem with India is that there are no jobs available. The reason is that others have filled those jobs. The number of job seekers is not less, it is in millions. And which is the number of job givers.

The atmosphere is just of getting job. But I am impressed with PM Modi’s initiative of encouraging start ups. Every big company which employs millions of people was at some time a start up. So this may help in making people job givers. But the problem is that schools don’t encourage it. They just want students to get marks. They cant try something so they cant fail in safe atmosphere. When they fail after attempting they are always in high competition and a fail means end of everything for many people.


They try in dangerous atmosphere and the problem is that it keeps on becoming more dangerous as time moves on. So the best time is in school but there we are busy in cramming to get marks. And we study which we don’t like. You may also remember that you were forced to study what yo don’t like. You were forced to study your weak subject. May be you have become an average in that. But if you invested that time in your strong subject you may have become the best in the world in that.

Indian education system focuses on being average at everything but not expert in one thing. This is the problem of this system. We even cant choose profession. We are forced to be a doctor, engineer. Now don’t do stupidity by saying that it was in old days. It is even today also. You can’t be a dancer, singer, athlete by your choice. Parents force their children. But when someone asks then it was the kid’s choice.

Our nation can never grow if this thing remains same. So please help me in changing this a little. I cant change the education system, but I can change the attitude of parents. If you will share this with everyone you can, and they do the same. Then may be some child’s future and life may become good. Therefore, I request you to please share this.


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