Similarities And Differences Between Bill And Steve !

Who in the world does not know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Bill Gates is popularly known as a very rich man and many people do not know that now Jeff Bezoz is the richest man on the planet. Many people even now think that he is the richest on Earth even now also.

And who can forget the legendary Steve Jobs. He gave us the iPhone. How can anyone forget the founder of the smart phone era, and by smart phone I mean really smart. So if you think that it is going to be an ordinary Bill Gates and Steve Jobs article then sorry, but you are wrong. This article is going to be something special.

I am going to tell something different. I have read many biographies of these two men. Most of them were written by people who were really close to them. Those people understood them very well and I understood all the biographies very well. I have read endless articles about these two men and even now I read because I want to learn from them. They are so great and I know I can’t copy them so I want to get as much as I can.

Being true, I even don’t want to copy them, once Bill Gates if you compare yourself with other people you are insulting yourself, for copying I need to compare and I don’t want to insult myself. In this article, I have given certain qualities which were common in them and others which were different in them. Their these qualities have taken them here, where they are. But we don’t need to take all the qualities inside us. Some qualities may be wrong for us. So I say first analyse it and then adopt it or not.

You need to use your brain to get the most out of this article. SO let’s start and first of all I would like to share their similarities. It is because in differences you may think that I am wrong because I will try to be true. SO let’s start by giving respect to both the men.

1. Both were visionary

Both of these men were extremely visionary. When everyone was just manufacturing computers Steve Jobs saw the potential of the computers easy to use. He wanted to take computers to every home. He wanted to make the use of computers extremely easy to use. He just didn’t want to manufacture computers like others, but wanted to create a difference. Most manufacturers were only manufacturing for businesses, but Steve Jobs took computers to the homes of common men. He did all this with the help of his Apple II computer. It was extremely successful and useful for the company as well as the users. It made the use of computers extremely easy and most of the people could use it easily as it had a screen. Many computers of that time were not having screens.

When it comes to Bill Gates, he has been extremely visionary. When everyone was just manufacturing computers, he understood that the number of computers is going to increase very rapidly and he knew something that everyone knew but no one did anything, ‘ without software hardware is useless’. He started his software company, Microsoft. They wanted to create a software that was extremely useful for the users but that was also extremely easy to use. They wanted that everyone in the whole world use computers from adults to children.

When everyone would create great hardware then they want great software for the masses so they tried to fulfill this requirement of the society and Microsoft is here today. Many examples show that they both were extremely visionary, whether it is iPhone idea, or taking extreme risk for a computer operating system idea, Windows. They both were extremely visionary for changing the whole world.

2. Extremely passionate for their work

They both had been greatly passionate for their work. During the early days of Microsoft, it was not very successful since it was based on a very new idea of getting paid for software. Many people used pirated software. Bill Gates needed to solve this problem and many others. He had a lot of work. So instead of giving up the idea he worked as much as he could . He never took a leave in his twenties and thirties. He devoted himself totally to Microsoft. He was extremely passionate for all the things going on.

He even took challenges that were almost impossible to complete. Once he had a meeting with IBM. They wanted an operating system for their software. They asked Bill if he is having one for them. Microsoft till that day had never created an operating system. But he didn’t want to lose that chance since IBM was a very big company at that time and Microsoft was a smaller company. He said yes, and then started searching for an operating system.

Finally he was lucky enough to get one named, DOS, from a nearby computer company. Then with his team he worked all day and night to make that operating system better and according to the needs of IBM. HE took such a risk and then worked for hours without rest because he was extremely passionate for his work and company.

When it comes to Steve Jobs then I suppose that you would have definitely heard some examples of his passion. Many times Steve Jobs would set a launch date of a product and then delay it. It is because whenever he saw that it is not perfect according to him then he delayed the launch. It is not the thing that it was not good, but it was not perfect according to him.

Once when Apple was creating the first Macintosh, it was amazing, but he didn’t like it. It is not because of it’s look but because it had a fan. The fan was making a lot of noise. Actually, at that time the noise of Mac was almost nothing, others were making much more than that but he wanted perfection.

3. They both were great businessmen also

 They actually belonged to tech industry, their teaching has also been of computers, electronics but even thought they were great business men. I am not saying only because they both had been the C.E.O.s of their companies but there are other reasons also.

Steve Jobs started his company with his friend Steve Wozniak. His friend first time, showed him a keyboard that could show letters on a screen, whatever you type gets visible on the screen. So the first thing they thought was that for how much could he sell that. Then the journey of Apple and these two was started to make Apple one of the biggest companies and they have reached that place.

Apple is the world’ first trillion dollar company. Even in childhood also he was a business man. He along with Wozniak created a device with which you could call anyone in the whole world for free. Wozniak made it for fun but Jobs wanted to make money out of it. After creating it they would do pranks and they also sold it to their friends and other people. Wozniak never had a business mind but Steve always wanted to make from his work.

The same is applicable to Bill Gates also. In his childhood, the computer firm opened in his neighbourhood, C-Cube, was going to shut down. He with one of his friends went there to buy tapes which they thought were good to sell. They bought it at cut price rate and then sold them at much higher prices. At the age of 15, he even started a company with his friends that created and sold  software for traffic control to the agency. But that was not a good company and soon they lost a lot of money there and left. But it shows the business mind of Bill Gates.

4. Know how to get great employees

They both are counted as two of the world’ s most genius people but the real reason behind it is that they respected the skills of other people also. I mean, that they are known because of their extremely successful companies, and they are so successful not only because of them but also because of the great employees they brought there to work.

Steve Jobs would take interviews for teams in which he is working, by himself. He believed that his product is going to change the world and everyone there is going to help in the development of a great product, so they are needed to be upto the mark. When someone would suggest any name to him for a particular and he thinks that the person is extremely useful, then he can do anything to take you into the company.

He believed that great talent attract each other. Just remember that if you were in your college. Definitely, you will be knowing about other people also. If you are an employee in Apple then you could tell him names of the person along with in college or at other place. Then your friend could be called for an interview. But he Jobs had special interest in someone then you are going to join Apple.

When it comes to Bill Gates then he could spend any much big amount for an employee. Once he thought that Microsoft should have someone who is having good knowledge in business. Then he called one of his Havard friends who was studying at somewhere else. He gave him stake and that made him extremely rich. The name of that friend  is Steve Ballmer. He also followed Bill Gates as the CEO of the company Bill employed him.

5. Helped the competition

It is the most interesting thing. They both had helped each other in making their companies much bigger. When Apple II sales were sky high, at that Bill Gates observed it and he didn’t want to lose. He went to Apple and Steve and showed him an Apple II. He made him understand, that Apple II was amazing but from outside. He meant that the software part was not amazing and it was very slow.

Bill Gates offered him the solution and he accepted. Bill wanted to increase the sale of Microsoft but Steve actually helped him in getting bigger and Microsoft also became more popular.

When Steve got the idea of GUI at the Xerox PARC, he called Bill. He wanted Microsoft to create software for his upcoming computer with this GUI. But when Bill saw this he didn’t want to make money by creating programs for Apple but he wanted to take that idea to another level. This is how he got the idea of Windows, and I think if they would not have got Windows idea then they can’t here where they are.

Now I think you would have definitely red that Bill Gates saved Apple. Actually, the new projects of Apple were failing and the board of directors thought that it was the fault of Steve. So Steve was fired. But then Apple started to fall down. Then one day Apple bought a software company ,NEXT. Then again Steve came to the company because it was founded by Steve. Then when he became the CEO the company was going to bankrupt. So he called Bill for investment in Apple. Then Bill invested $150 million. And you can see the result, today Apple is world’s biggest company.

Well we have seen many similarities between the two and now its time to see the differences between these two great people. So let’s start.

1. Steve- Hardware related, Bill – Software related

I don’t say this just because Apple produce hardware and Microsoft software. Actually, now even Apple makes its own software and Microsoft is making its own hardware. You may be knowing about ios, Mac of Apple, and Microsoft Surface. But I mean that these people knew of these things only. Well, it does not mean that they had less knowledge but it meant that they had wide knowledge of one particular field, rather than small information of many fields. Do you know that Steve Jobs never wrote a line of code because he didn’t know coding. And he even never tried to learn it because he had a lot of other things to do. But even then he always encouraged people to learn coding. He believed that programming can help you understand that how should we understand a problem. He gives a way of thinking. And when it comes to Bill Gates then he never created a P.C. or he never designed any one. As I said that Microsoft had lot of problems so he was working on those things and we all know that he retired very soon, not totally but at very early age of around 45, he left the position of CEO and worked as Chief Technical Advisor. You may be knowing that he left because he needed to help the whole world. He has been doing many philanthropy works since then. So in all these things we can’t how can he manage to get time for learning how to design or electrical engineering. He was extremely smart but time is needed to do anything. Well, this is a very basic difference that all of you already know, I just gave examples and reasons, but the following differences are not so obvious.

2. Steve – Extremely creative, Bill – Extremely hardworking

This really does not mean that the other person was not having the quality of the different person but it means that they specialized in only one skill. Steve Jobs had been extremely creative in his whole career. It is because what he studied. Do you know that he took Calligraphy classes after dropping out from Reed College. He dropped out because the fees was becoming a load on him and his family and he thought that he was not doing anyone much good by being there. Then he formally left the college but kept on taking the classes he liked informally. He, therefore, come up with excellent ideas, because of the classes he took there. I don’t mean that it is all because of those classes, but it helped significantly towards his success. He used his creativity in developing the the most revolutionary projects, like the iPod, iPhone, Mac and many more. I believe that wherever Apple is today it is all because of Steve Jobs. And when it comes to Bill Gates then really he was very hard working. In the early days of Microsoft, he used to check all the lines of codes of all the programs developed by them. He checked all the codes before they were shipped to the customers or to the manufacturers. He didn’t want to take risk on the prestige of Microsoft and therefore tried to keep a check on everything. He was the CEO but worked constantly at the product development because he believed that success of Microsoft depends on him so he did everything he could make Microsoft bigger and bigger.

3. Steve jobs – Money minded, Bill Gates – Opportunity grabber

Steve Jobs had always been extremely money minded. He tried to make most money out of everything. He wanted to test everything to its fullest. When Apple II was selling well he didn’t want to introduce many new products to the market to compete with the Apple II. HE knew if he did something like this, then both the products would be competing with each other. It would even confuse the customers also that which product they should use and the retailers also that which product should they keep in their stores. All these were thought by Steve and therefore, he let the Apple II keep working. He developed the new versions of the Apple II and they worked well. But he introduced other products they were not extremely successful. So his money mindedness helped Apple very much. Bill Gates was a real opportunity grabber. He even created opportunities for himself. When Altair 8800 was introduced to the world he was one of the first people to react. It was a new and developed computer that Bill and Paul Allen thought could change the world so they tried to use to its maximum. Bill Gates was in Havard and the company MITS, which introduced Altair 8800, liked the software created by them and they wanted to work with them. So he dropped out of Microsoft to work on this project and grab this opportunity that could change his as well as others life also. He knew he is going to do something which is really revolutionary. He could change the whole world and become extremely successful.

4. Steve- Extremely emotional, Bill – Extremely competitive

You may also have heard that Steve was extremely emotional. He used his emotions to be so successful. He even cried sometimes when he would argue with anyone in his team who would not accept what he is saying? I don’t mean the employees but I mean the senior officials. He was extremely and he even abuse a lot. He could not control his emotions and was extremely expressive. HE used his emotions for achieving what he has achieved. And when it comes to Bill Gates then really he had been extremely competitive since his childhood. Everyone who knew him in the childhood says this, even his parents. Even when the family played Monopoly then he would always wanted to win. Whatever he did, he did it to win. He don’t do anything for relaxation but only for competing. He wanted to win from you if you are doing what he is doing, and if he want to defeat you then you can’t be left without being defeated. He wanted to win in the tech industry also. He created the monopoly of Microsoft in the whole world. He made Microsoft the top company in the whole world. During 2000, when he was the CEO of Microsoft then no one could imagine to compete with it. HE led it and no one was nothing if he was serious. Even if today, he again wanted to be the richest man again the no one can challenge him.

5. Steve- Give impossible work, Bill- Deny anything lesser than expectations

IF you are working with any of these people then be ready to get a lot of shout. They will not care for your emotions because they are extremely passionate for their products, and their company. Steve Jobs would always give you impossible work. He would give you that work then you need to do it if you want to be with him. He would help you, the company will help you a lot, but finally you have to do it. As I said, he wanted a phone with just one button, at that time could anyone believe at that time? No but he ordered and then it was created. When we think of Bill Gates, then really he does not want anything that you have created and if that is not upto the mark. When he got the idea of GUI then the whole company left all other projects and wanted to develop the GUI operating system. They were having MS DOS but for him it became useless because he saw the future of computers. He just wanted it to get developed. He don’t care for your emotions attached with the work, but he only wanted what he wanted. If you can’t give it to him then he does not care for you. They both wanted to do what they wanted and for that they want to make the most use of you. Even you would have never imagined that you could do what they asked you to do.

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