The Way To Love Studies !!

When we talk of studies then it is really a very difficult task for all the students. And today’s digital era has made studies even more difficult. When we want to study then we remember our smart phone, what our friends would be chatting on the Whatsapp groups, what would your friends have sent you, what new photos have been uploaded on Instagram and much more. And even if you have some how managed to make a firm decision of not looking at your phone again till study time then suddenly your phone creates a noise, to signify that new messages have been received by your device, then what all our firm decision goes vain. And some children need to go to play outside also. It is also very important both physically and mentally. So finally the question arises what can we do? How can we study even of having so much difficulty. And even if we finally do something to study, then we become bored very soon, we become tired even not of doing anything, we start feeling sleepy. So if you feel th same things but you rally wan to study then you are at the perfect place. In this article, you will get the answer of your question. So just read till end if you really wan to know how to study. And if you have just came here for some magic trick to study, then sorry I don’t know any magic trick to tell you, but I request you to please tell me if you know anyone who knows this magic trick so that I can share with all my dear readers. Since I don’t have any magic you need to do a little hard work and it may also happen that you fail in the start, but within a week you will be able to love studies. So let’s start revealing the way to love studies.

1. Study what you love

It is very obvious that you should study what you love first to love studies. If you hate a particular subject ( suppose Chemistry) and you start by studying Chemistry then surely you will not be able to study it, or you can not even study what you can. Just start with what you love. There would surely be a subject that you love. But let’s suppose that you don’t love any subject which is being taught in the school. Then would be something else that you love. If you are good at a particular sport, then you have interest in that subject. You can start by reading all the new rules of the game, because it will help you to play it better. You can how to reach the greater level of success in that game, what are the different competitions that take place in that sport at different levels. Then you can start reading biographies of the legendary sportsmen, you will surely be having a favourite about whom you want to know more. Then it is the best thing. This will help you develop reading habit, that can help y ou to start studying other subjects also. But again let’s suppose that you don’t play any sport then what should you do. But if you don’t play any sport and also don’t study ( since you are reading this article) then what do you do? Very obviously, you love your smartphone. Then in that smartphone, read on the  internet who created the first smartphone, what are the new updates coming in the hardware and also software of the smartphone. You would also be using different social media website then which company is the owner of many social media websites, just you need to start reading and this reading habit will help in start studying with passion, and you will understand all the things also. Please try at least once and then give me feedback so that I can write better.

2. Study about all other related things

When you study about a particular thing then there are infinite things attached to it. As it is said that Science is everywhere. If you love sports. Then definitely you may have played Football, or Cricket, but do you know that Science is even there also and in all other games. The first Science is Psychology, because you need to understand what the other person is trying to do or what will the other will do, it will make you better. But leave it for today. Do you know how and why a football curls? Yes, I know that it is really difficult in the start, but we can do it. Do you ever imagined that how all this happens? Yes, we need to do kick it at the perfect centre with the area ahead of the ankle but what happens in the air? Why we need to kick it at the perfect spot from the perfect part of the foot? This develop your interest in Science also. And when it comes to Cricket, then do you know about the delivery called Googly? IF you have played then you may be knowing what is it. In this delivery ball changes it’s initial path and bounces before the area where it should have bounced. I may not be very excellent at teaching Cricket but if you know it then you would have understood what am I saying. So it is such an excellent delivery did you ever try to know why? IF you want to study the entry to find out study in what you love. IT will help you in studying and definitely, you will start loving studies, but if you think it is difficult then keep reading this article.

3. Try to use it yourself

Whatever you have learned,  then definitely it will be having some practical approach. You can try it in real life. It may sound stupid to you at first. But just try to the kind of practical study outside the classroom. I know that schooling has turned into business. Now no one really want to teach but they only want to get money from you. I even frankly say that at many schools, not all schools, even practicals are crammed. You have 10 – 15 practicals then you just cram it. Even schools don’t want to teach more than the syllabus. They speak extra in theory but when it comes to practical then it is stupid. They will not do easy but more informative practicals if it is not in the syllabus. The motive of practicals is that children will know why we do this and how it can be better and also how we can use it in different places where it can be used but not being used, but now students are just studying to get excellent marks. It is not their fault but it is school’s fault, teachers’ fault and the most, it is parents’ fault. IF they say to their children that go to school to study but not getting marks only. Then definitely it will help and no student would cheat in the exams, at least they will become good citizens of the country. I again say, that it is the case in many schools but not all the schools. So finally try to do it yourself. You don’t need huge equipments if you are passionate about something. Passion can’t buy equipments, some passionless people would be thinking this, but passion can help you find ways of doing it any how. And if you don’t have passion you can’t spend money even if you have.

4. Study where you love

you can study wherever you want. I don’t mean terrace, store room or bathroom, but I mean you don’t only have to study in the books but you can read anywhere you want. If you have a smartphone and you want to be with it all the time, then you study on it also. Whether you are doing online study or you are have downloaded school books. You can study there. But you need to take a few steps before that. Switch all the notifications off, lower the sound to its minimum, and then make a commitment to yourself that you will not do anything else on the smartphone till you finish your studies, and  if you do something else then you wish to God that you fail in this class. This commitment may be very difficult but it is needed to study on the smartphone otherwise you can easily forget this commitment and start doing anything you want to do. This commitment will have a greater impact on your mind and then definitely you will only study, unless you really want to fail. This is helpful because you are habitual of smartphone or laptop, and then when you read in books it does not suit you. I understand it is bad for eyes, but you need to start in this way only. When you become habitual of studying by yourself then try reading from the books you are having at home. Again, I say start from the easiest, and studying with smartphone will be easiest for anyone of today’s youth. It will be difficult for parents so I request parents to please give their children one single chance and definitely after sometime they will study from books only. So please help them in having an easy start.

5. See the career choices of what you love

It is very important of study. You first need to see all the career choices and then check which is the best for you. I don’t only mean the average salary package, but other things. See what kind of a career is that. Does the career suit you, are you having the attitude needed to do that? IF the career asks you to wake up soon (like Yoga trainers) and you can’t wake up early but you are habitual of waking up late then it is not for you. If the career asks you to go to many different places, like photographers, actors, sportsmen and you just want to be there with your family and without them you can’t go anywhere or you can’t work properly away from them, then it is not for you. You are not a person to do such things. Just try to find out the perfect career because you can complete your tasks only when you are happy while doing it. If you are not happy then you can’t do it. I have seen many school teachers teaching in the school, but thinking it as a misfortune. Actually they are the one who have been defeated by their life and now to do something they are teaching in the school. You should have a dream from childhood so that you can prepare yourself skillfully and mentally to do that job. It will help you to fight against life and win, when life will be trying to defeat you. Also if you know your target then you can focus on a particular subject more than the other subjects to become excellent in that subject and become the best in the world. But a target less person always tries to get whatever he can. He is drowning and he is trying to hold anything which comes to him, but finally he holds a bit of anything.

6. Ask questions as challenges

When you have reached the stage of studying from your books and studying other subjects also then it very important to ask questions. It is because if you don’t ask questions then you don’t have any aim of studying. In this stage of studying from books, you may not be interested very much because you want to study with the help of your smartphone but you are trying something new. So when you ask questions ans think that it is a challenge then you extra energy. Just think your friend challenged and then you surely would have tried to do it at any cost. when a challenge is given then we easily take it to our ego, then we can do anything, even sometimes we do what we have never done before. The power of this simple word ‘ challenge’ is infinite. This word even helped Bill Gates become so great. You may be knowing that Bill Gates started with one of his friends Paul Allen. In their childhood, when Paul found anything which is extremely difficult and he could not do it then he challenged Bill Gates could no do it. Then if he would have himself found that problem, he would not have found the solution, but when someone challenged him he could do anything. And most of the times Bill found the solution of the problem. The same thing happens to you also. Even you can do anything with your intense power of challenging yourself. You just need to believe yourself and challenge yourself to do the most difficult things. At that you may not be able to do that but you will do, will be above the expectations of most people. Challenge yourself otherwise your challengers will become better than you. And they will not wait to destroy you.

7. Use knowledge in real life by solving problem

Well, basically, if you have followed all the listed point then definitely you should be able to complete this point. The first, part of the task is just to identify that where the skills related to your study are being used. It is neither very difficult nor very easy task. But it actually depends upon where you live and what do you study. The situation may be very difficult for you if the society in which you are studying does not support that thing. If you are living in a family which is having all the members from the Science background, then it may be difficult to find Commerce in their work. But you need to study, that what are you studying. It may seem stupid to you but really you need to study that what are you studying. many times we study the sub topics of that subject, but our priority should be knowing what is that subject and why do we study that. What would happen if the study of that subject is abandoned? Then afterwards you should move forward to find total in how many ways that is being used in your surrounding. Then something new and interesting you need to do after knowing all the ways in which that knowledge of that subject is being used. You should try to find out in how many sectors your knowledge can be used and in how many forms? It will help you know the importance of your study and then you can decide in a better way that which career to choose in future. Actually, it will help you to develop the whole sector in which you are working. Did you remember the scope of comedy and comedians in India, but now the whole thing has changed and now comedians are getting a lot of respect and fame and also money. It is a group effort of all the comedians but which comedian showed the maximum growth, and made it so growth, The Comedy King of India, Kapil Sharma. He showed what a comedian can do.

8. Buy books in place of Going to movie or restaurants

I understand that I am becoming very harsh this time. But this thing will help you very much. When you will go to a movie or a restaurant then you will spend all you money in short period very quickly, but even though, we do it because we get a lot of enjoyment. We got with our friends and everyone do a lot of fun. But if you will buy books with that money then you have not bought books with money but you have bought books in place of enjoyment, fun and a lot of intangible (that we can’t see or touch ) things which are of great value to us. It is a great sacrifice by us. So if we don’t study then all that sacrifice would go vain. And now ask yourself can you let your sacrifice, of such a great value for you, to be jus useless by not utilizing the books bought from that money. I really think that those books will be emotionally attached to you. You would be feeling a little angry on them, but you will definitely study them with full concentration. It is a great way of knowing that what you studying is really something you love or you are just being forced. And if you are really passionate about it then only you can buy books with that money. Then it will be really easy for you to know that you can pursue a career in that field. I feel if you do what you love as a career then there are infinite hope of success and there is no limit. And if you make your career, which you are studying since childhood then it means you are working since childhood on your career to make yourself the best in the whole world. Remember, all the people who have attained a lot of respect and money from their profession are really passionate for their career from their childhood. Albert Einstein loved Maths and Science since childhood while he was a failure in many other subjects, while in his favourite subjects he was the best.

9. Change place of study

Well, it has been proved by research that changing the place of study can help you focus more on studies. If you think why then I have a reason for you, but there are also a few guidelines for using this technique otherwise it may become bad for using. Well, when we think of reason of getting more focused by changing the place of study then we should focus on the on the reason of getting bored while studying. Just when you got new books in the new session, then in the early days did you love to read books or you became bored with the books very soon. I expect that in the early days you love to study with the new books. It is because there was something new this time. We were doing that we had not been doing continuous for many moths. But as the days move on we start getting bored. But we can’t change the book frequently. I can’t ask you to buy the same books 10 times in one year to study with concentration. But changing the place can help you to get a feeling of something new. It is really helpful for developing interest in study for small periods but finally it is how you study. But if your house is very big then it is another thing. The precaution is that if you have found a place where you have developed interest while studying then don’t leave that place just to get a new feeling. Once, you found out the perfect place then there is no need to change your place. But when you think that again you are being bored of studies then don’t hesitate to change your place one more time. You should try to analyse that whether you need a change or not. Change is good but only when you really need it. Do not do anything without asking yourself. Just ask yourself whatever is the result then do it.

10. Change time of study

It is a little like the first one but it is a little different. It is used to know that how you can manage your time in the best way. For studying and doing the other work that I have given to you to become successful you need more time. You may think that the day is getting smaller. So you need to have the best and most productive time table. You may do brainstorming but it is useless. It is when you really do it then it may be seem of decreasing your productivity. Working more hours does not mean being more productive. When you can do more work in less time then it is called being more productive. I recommend you to sleep enough because all these works need creativity and for creativity you need proper sleep. So you need to set time table to get sleep also. But this will not happen by thinking, it will happen by trying. You need to try new things and when you get the perfect time table for yourself then you don’t need to change. Once, again when you think that you are not having the most productive schedule, or you are not comfortable with the time table, then don’t hesitate to change. If you can’t change then it will become difficult to be successful, and I know that you are capable of becoming successful so you can easily use this step to become extremely productive. An after becoming productive it will help you in your whole life. It is not just that it will only help you in study but when you become a professional it will help you in that. Many people say that you should stick to the same time table. But I think that if it is wrong for you and you follow it then it is stupidity. Your habits may change in future so don’t need to stick to something older.

I hope that this article helped you and you will adopt these tips to start studying and even love studies. I surely, say that if you try these tips then you can study with full concentration and even love studies. So now don’t waste time here and apply these tips in your real life. If you don’t apply these tips then they are useless. Best of luck for doing all these things. 

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