What Do We Learn From Steve Jobs’ Death !

Well, we learn two things from Steve Jobs death. They will be explained in this article to all of you now. Well, they are not tricks to make a lot of money, for that go here. But they will help you in becoming a more skilled person. So you should definitely read this.

He never believed he had cancer, it’s the first thing. Therefore, he always kept on working towards his and his company’s success. He never let him stop because he was ill but he always promoted him to work. This is the reason that Apple is here. His power of thinking helped him to never feel the problems which others faced. Do you understand how difficult is living for a cancer patient? But without any operation he lived for so long. He got treatment after a long time. Then when he was being treated his doctor started crying after his full treatment.

He was crying because his Cancer could be treated by a operation of his kidney. Actually, the doctor’s reaction showed that it was not so obvious that his cancer could be treated in this way. But he forced even God to give him a second chance. We all have listened to his speech at graduation from Reed College. You can listen to it now also.

We all know that his imagination was just at another level. May be due to the fact that he once intook LSD. He even himself says it is one of the most important events of his life. Steve imagined to be fine so he was fine. He showed the power of imagination. So if he could do it you can also. Your imagination can make you a great skilled person if you think you are. You don’t need to be arrogant but you should be good and working like an expert. You will not satisfy below excellent. And this passion which arose due to imagination may make you what you want.

Well, secondly we learn that we should always accept our weakness, shortcomings and everything nut not overlook them. Steve knew he had cancer but he overlooked it and it costed him his life. He died of pancreatic Cancer. The operation saved him for many years but the damage was not over and as he always overlooked everything else than his work, he died. Imagine that if he was alive even now then what could we have got from Apple and him.

I accept that many people could not afford expensive gadgets of Apple, but they lead and others would definitely come with cheaper options and it would definitely help everyone. Well, the imagination is just awesome but it is imagination because he overlooked everything. He was a great leader, great person, great inventor but a stupid person who didn’t care for himself but for the world and his work. It is the reason that I respect him very much.

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