Why AM I here, Why Not Die !

I always wonder who am I

Why am I here ,Why not die

I don’t know am I going to do something revolutionary

Or just going to waste my pen ,pencil and other stationary.

I don’t know in my life could I do great thing

But God has sent me, 

thinking this I will do something

I want to be an asset to mother Earth

But behaving like biggest liability since birth.

I don’t know could I be the best of everyone

But at least, I try to be one and only one

To benefit others, I think I should die

But thinking of God’s work on me

My hands got tie.

My death will be my dreams’ ending

But ‘trying’ would be just starting

By losing,

 no one would remember me

But without trying I will forget who am I ?

I will try to create history

But even if I couldn’t

I will appreciate others on their victory

I fear my efforts would go vain

But not giving efforts give more pain.

So I have decided that I will try

Even if I need, my whole life to cry

For all the efforts which I give

My motive is not of earning money to live

My motive is only to help others,

And empower everyone

So that begging will be work of no one.

I always wonder who am I

Why am I here why not die,

And today I have come to know,

I am here to empower others

 So I will keep on doing this for my entire life,

So that at last I could say with proud,

That at least I tried,

To change everyone’s life.

Genius Mehra

This is a poem which I created when I was extremely demotivated with everything around me. I really wanted to die at that moment. The emotions coming were so powerful that they wanted to come out in the form of actions. But I could not die because I am having a family which cares for me and I have many desires to change the world. So they took the form of a poem. I am not a poet but these feeling could not stop them from coming due to this small reason. This is not the case with just me but this happens with most of the people. So I advise you to think of the time when you were also demotivated. This way you could co-relate yourself with this poem.

This poem gave me motivation because while writing many things cleared in my mind about my future and everything around me. I was encouraged to do something great. Everything was being cleared that why I can’t die. And finally, I came to know that why am I here. This was an amazing feeling to write down this poem.

But do you know what is even more amazing? Sharing this poem with you. I think that you have enjoyed this poem. If you ever feel demotivated towards life then please read this poem for yourself and for this whole world. This can give you motivation. If you know someone who needs this poem then please share this poem with them so that you can help them.

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